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La Bruschetta Restaurant Review

At this family-run Italian restaurant, Chef-owner Angelo Peloni has transported the essence of his Genova birthplace to the beautiful setting of Westwood in LA. As a native who knows the niceties of Mediterranean dining, Chef Peloni prides himself
in the bona fide Italian ambiance of his restaurant, accenting the space with mood lighting and decorative adega work. His Northern Italian cuisine includes a variety
of homemade pastas, complemented by rich sauces such as Ragu and Sun-dried Tomato sauce. With scrumptious signature entrees, large selections of
antipasti and a superb wine list, Ristoranti La Bruschetta is a
charming place to bring the family or a date.


Ristoranti La Bruschetta was opened 25 years ago, by Angelo Peloni. It is his third restaurant, which has established itself as a neighborhood favorite, and boasts a
loyal, local following of both neighborhood dwellers and other residents who
flock to this quiet block of Westwood Boulevard for a welcome setting,
friendly service, and a mouthwatering selection of traditional Italian fare.


Guests enter through an elegant walkway which is peppered with simple wood
tables, and wine bottles. It is a space where time slows, letting the
pleasures of the table play out in unhurried celebration.

The vibe throughout the space is warm and welcoming; even when bustling with patrons, the space suggests an air of calm. Over the course of an evening, the
clientele is as varied as the seating, with couples, families, and large groups
of friends all chatting away happily within the warm space.

                                                           2006 California Mourvedre

When we ourselves are settled in, my attention turns first to the wine list, which is covered in a lively lime-green batik cloth with golden embroidered letters spelling
out "vino." Inside the colorful cover, the pages are just as lively, with a selection
of a variety of labels that leans mostly Italian and mostly red.

The menu, like the wine list, lending a homey touch to the act of flipping through the selection. And what a delight it is to flip through page after page is enticing and
varied, making it difficult to select among the traditional antipasti, vibrant
salads, and an absolutely stunning array of pastas and secondi piati.

Carpaccio con Salsa di Mostarda                                     Vitello                    

Carpaccio con Salsa di Mostarda is a popular starter, and an excellent way to begin the meal along with the Vitello Tonnato. The Carpaccio is made with thinly sliced filet mignon, served crudo, with a drizzle of mustard sauce, and the Vitello, a roasted veal loin in Tuna sauce. The quality is evident and the meats are moist and succulent;
each bite is both playful and elegant, whetting the appetite for more.

As if on cue, a basket of complimentary house-made Bruschetta arrives
on the table, I love Bruschetta, t is rustic and comforting at once.

We also tried the Burrata, Speck e Pomodoro, a creamy mozzarella with
smoked prosciutto and sliced tomato. Very fresh and light! We loved it.

Burrata, Speck e Pomodoro                          Cannelloni di Polli         

The Cannelloni di Polli, is a burst of brilliant sunshine in a clear sky; a swath chicken cannelloni with a cream sauce drizzle. A dusting of parmesan lends a salt; it is such as simple, elegant dish, yet one that resonates with subtle complexity. One of the best cannelloni’s I’ve ever tried. The butteriness of the sauce marries with the earthy
tang of the pasta. This is a dish that is both luxurious and decadent.

Gamberoni Alla Salsa D’Aglio

We have the pleasure of sampling the Gamberoni Alla Salsa D’Aglio, a large tiger prawns sauté in garlic and white wine; served with potato and seasonal vegetables,
a special that features an eminently fresh shrimps, which commands the plate,
resting beneath a playful medley of sliced vegetables and potatoes. It is a dish
that is cooked to perfection. Each bite seems simple and unpretentious,
a rustic homage to subtle flavors and quality ingredients.

Capesante Allo Speck e Spinaci

Also my guest tried the Capesante Allo Speck e Spinaci, large sea
scallops wrapped with smoked prosciutto in lemon sauce with
saute spinach. This is a great dish for scallop lovers!

Tuscany Red Wine                                  Mango Panacotta  

Dessert is a collection of Italian regional favorites, including the Mango Panacotta
a playful treat that will make you very happy and the Chocolate Soufflé,
served with their special homemade ice-cream.

Chocolate Soufflé

When the meal is finished, it is hard to get up from our
seats. The space is delightful and over the course of the meal
we have begun to feel at home. Angelo and his wife truly welcome guests into
their family, treating them like close friends for a few hours at a time. For a taste
of Italian hospitality and traditional regional Italian cuisine, there is no
better spot in Westwood than Ristoranti La Bruschetta.

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Articles By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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