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Bistro West Restaurant Review

Bistro West is a new concept that features an extensive
menu of chef-driven Contemporary Comfort Food.

By creating everything on the menu in-house from only the highest quality and
freshest ingredients, the place promises to provide guests with a fantastic
culinary experience. From pizzas and pastas to burgers and paninis,
and from braised meats to the freshest fish, our chef has created a
delicious menu that promises to delight you and your friends.


Executive Chef Eugenio Martignago brings a refreshing creativity and hint of
elegance to Italian cuisine. Bistro West’s menu revolves around delicious pastas, such as Fettuccine, Spaghetti, Linguini, Penne, Pappaderlle or Gnocchi, with Martignago drawing on his Italian heritage and family recipes for inspiration. But dishes here are
far from ordinary; Martignago brings a commitment to fresh ingredients, an elegant aesthetic, and a delicate hand to each dish he creates, resulting in stunning and exquisite presentations of contemporary Italian/Californian cuisine.

                                                           Chef Eugenio Martignago

Bistro West is a new concept that features an extensive menu of chef-driven
Contemporary Comfort Food. Their extensive wine list, featuring the finest offerings
from California and the world, will definitely excite the palates of all wine lovers.

Along with their exceptionally tasty food, everyone at West personally
promises you only the friendliest and most personable service which is 
an integral part of dining at any of their West Restaurants.

Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita Martini                           Velvet Martini                

The food is extraordinary. Martignago’s cooking seems liberated, free, and drowning in a tantalizing blend of creativity, innovation, and a knack for showcasing the inherent qualities of ingredients. A blend of homey and haute, Martignago’s dishes stun the senses and awaken the palate, encouraging guests to relish in every forkful of the
meal. Bistro West is a place where quality reigns, where attention to detail is tantamount, and where, despite Martignago’s intentions to return to a more
rooted, down-to-earth cooking style, the dishes are stunning and sensational.

Long Island Ice Tea                                  Guiness Stout Beer

But before wooing guests with his delicious entrees, Martignago sets out to entertain them with antipasti. Starters are precise and calculated a collection of dishes that plant a seed of desire for the courses to follow. He demonstrates a mastery of pairing diverse yet accommodating flavors, of composing a plate with components that together prove greater than they could ever appear on their own.

Mushroom Lobster Martini with Cauliflower Mousse

Take the special; Mushroom Lobster Martini with Cauliflower mousse. A bite
is transporting, the delicate butteriness of the sauce with a pungent mousse
undertone; the gentle pureness of the lobster heightened by creamy sauce.

Bistro Ahi Tuna Tartare

Bistro Ahi Tartare; a spicy Ahi layered with avocado and mango salsa, garnished
with mango coulis, sour cream and wonton chips. The dish is a rush of earthy
comfort, a collection of strong, savory flavors punctured by intermittent kicks
of sweet, salty, and acidic from the playful avocado and mango salsa.

Fresh Hawaiian Ahi Carpaccio                 New York Steak Pomodoro  

The Fresh Hawaiian Ahi Carpaccio is decadent and heady; a dish that blurs the line between starter and entrée and that employs one of the most justified uses of
Asiago cheese I’ve encountered it is a decadent repose, a flavorful pause, and
a reminder to move through courses slowly, savoring each spectacular bite.

Beef and Chicken Satay

The Beef and Chicken Satay and the New York Steak Pomodoro are also
great and well done appetizers that will satisfy your palate, and the
portions are great and you can easily share them with 4 people.

Spinach & Ricotta Cheese Agnolotti

All of the pasta selections at Bistro West are delicious. There is enormous debate at our table over which pasta dish entices us the most. The Spinach & Ricotta Cheese Agnolotti is a clear contender, plump, fresh agnolotti filled with creamy spinach, in
a rich, buttery truffle cream sauce. Each bite is a harmonious experience, silky,
tender, and crisp textures singing a chorus of rich, decadent flavors.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Pizzas were also another dish we could not miss, it was out
of this world! Pizzas at Bistro West, are kings, haute and elegant, a blend
of decadent comfort with sharp, resonant flavors. Our choice was the BBQ
Chicken, sliced red onions, shredded mozzarella, cilantro & bbq sauce. Worth trying!

 Ahi Tuna, Salmon and Peppercorn Filet Trio

The entrée course anchors the meal with a collection of hearty dishes and definitive flavors. The Peppercorn Filet, Salmon & Ahi, is an elegant rendition of a classic, featuring a graceful seared salmon on a bed of sautéed spinach with lemon-dill
butter sauce and seared rare ahi on a bed of jasmine rice with mirin butter
sauce, this dish is a resonant flavor brilliantly infusing each bite.

New York Steak & Prawns Combo

The New York Steak & Prawns Combo is a treat, a deep, complex dish that
plays with your senses. A 12 oz pan seared New York steak with a blue
cheese sauce & three Jumbo prawns in a garlic butter sauce with
roasted fingerling potatoes and fried onion rings.

Key Lime Pie

Dessert at Bistro West plays up the glorious sweets of the Italian peninsula,
among many choices ours was the Key Lime Pie, served with coconut
rum sauce, a rich, decadent pie that brings a fudge-like richness, yet
a light texture that forms a perfect finale to the meal.

Spanish Coffee with Myers Rum, Cinnamon and Nutmeg

I leave the restaurant with my jaw agape, running over the textures, and colors, and flavor combinations in my mind. The entire team including Chef Eugenio Martignago
is a master of his craft, a man in tune to texture and flavor, and who isn't afraid to
veer into uncharted territory to show guests the wondrous possibilities of the plate.
His new concept allows him to be both comfortable and daring, and holds
limitless possibility as the menu evolves. Whether you go for a simple
hamburger alone or subject yourself to the wonders of a tasting
menu, you're in for a stunning and exquisite treat, an unrivaled
and memorable journey of the senses.

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Articles By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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