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Plan B, The Ultimate Cocktail Lounge Review


Plan B is more than a gentleman's club, it's for everyone. It is a fine dining restaurant and they cater to customers who expect more than the ordinary. Featuring a gourmet kitchen and a sexy wait staff that serves steaks, seafood and exotic high-end
drinks, Plan B is the perfect place to hang out and relax. Cigar aficionados
can order from a superb cigar menu and watch their favorite sports games.
Service and food is like a five star lounge, with pretty go-go dancers.


We arrived at the lounge on a Saturday night and the place was already packed. When renowned chef Omar Elkmukhtar chose to work for Plan B Lounge, he
did it in high style, and since his arrival, Plan B has earned a well-deserved
reputation for being the best Club Lounge in town.


Unlike most gentleman's club and restaurants in town, Plan B not only offers
wonderful entertainment, but marvelous food. It is a very nice lounge, with an
amazing bar that offer a great variety of drinks, cocktails, beers, wine, etc.
Outside, there's a great and comfortable smoking area. Whether you sit
inside or out, expect to have a great time surrounded by pretty gals.


For our appetizers and entrees, the talented Chef Omar, was simply sending us
a sampler of his amazing culinary creations. With my appetizer, I drank a glass
of Pinot Grigio Albola from the Venezia Giulia wine-growing region of Italy.
The dry wine played well against the richness of the grapes.

Cadillac Margarita                                  Long Island Ice Tea

My dining companion started with a Long Island Ice Tea. Chef Omar sent us
a variety of dishes that I must say we were all very impressed with his
talent and the quality and flavor of each dish was truly amazing,
you can only find a real gourmet food at Plan B.

 Shrimp Mediterranean

First we tasted his Shrimp Mediterranean with tomato sauce, it was light and
delicious also the bread that came aside was perfect to taste the sauce. 

Next we tried couple salads, the Caesar Salad and the Tomato Mozzarella
Salad. Both salads were served fresh and perfect and their portion
are enough to feed 4 people, by the way.

   Caesar Salad                                          Mushroom Soup

The mushroom was truly spectacular, very tasty and delicious with
lots of mushroom, we all enjoyed this soup, especially for a
cold night, could not have been better.

     Mac & Cheese                                 Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Next we tried the Mac & Cheese very well done and made in the
fashion of a custard base with added cheese, we love this one!

Filet Mignon with Egg, Asparagus and Round Cut Gratin Potatoes

We basically had a feast of the best creations from Chef Omar, he was truly amazing, and we could not have asked for a better meal, but we are not over, then
we tried their Filet Mignon, served with egg, asparagus
and round cut gratin potatoes, the meat was super tender, and
the vegetables were a perfect combination.

Lamb Chops with a Provincial Red Wine Reduction

Chicken Forrestier with Garlic Mashed Potatoes

We also tasted their amazing Lamb with a provincial red wine reduction, the
Chicken Forrestier was amazing as well, with garlic mashed potatoes
and mushroom artichoke tapenade. I loved their Salmon, it was
spectacular; a world class dish served with vegetables. 

Salmon with Asparagus

For dessert, we again were surprised by Chef Omar, who sent us yet
another classic the Chocolate Mousse and a Sundae, both desserts
deserving of counter space at a top chocolate shop.

Chocolate Mousse                                   Chocolate Sundae


For all of Plan B's style, the menu was surprisingly delicious and thankfully,
simple-sounding dishes were much more advanced in both presentation
and flavor. The ingredients were clearly of-the-moment, and
those go-go dancers’ views were spectacular!

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Articles By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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