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Ristorante daVinci Restaurant review

Da Vinci Restaurant excels at bringing the traditions and elegance of fine Italian dining to the Long Beach Area. Executive Chef Joseph Gotti’s delectable Northern Italian cuisine ranges from delightful treats, such as homemade ravioli di zucca, risotto
di lobster. An outstanding and extensive wine list complements every
dish on the menu. The classic setting is full of old world charm,
as is the gracious host and an amazing service.


Entering the establishment is an odd experience. daVinci is located at Daugherty Sky Harbor, a corporate-esque plaza that ill communicates the quality of the restaurant within. But after entering the building, boarding the elevator and exiting to the
third floor restaurant, the mood changes quickly and drastically.

With a combination of fantastic service, great food, and warm atmosphere, it’s no surprise Da Vinci continues to be a local favorite An atmosphere featuring a
theme designed around the very first aviation pioneer, Leonardo daVinci,
adorns the walls with digital framed images of the famous Monalisa
and the iconic drawing of the Vitruvian Man.


Hanging from the ceiling are hand-crafted lamps in the shape of hot air balloons, designed with raw wood and white canvas. All this plays well into the flight
infused theme, but nothing fairs better than the spanning, half mile view of
the airport’s south tarmac. Peripheral distractions of departing helicopters,
arriving private jets and an occasional cargo plane roaring in for
delivery are typical, especially for those eating on the patio.

Ristorante daVinci is Long Beach's finest Italian restaurant and dining experience.
The idea for the restaurant was inspired by the inventive personality of one of
histories truly great men. Occasionally, a person comes along who defines a
generation in thought and culture, Leonardo da Vinci was such a man, and we
have chosen to associate his name with our restaurant because we strive
to provide an artistic, and innovative dining occasion for all our patrons.

Featuring multiple dining areas, banquet facilities for events, and one of the largest wine selections in Southern California, Ristorante daVinci can please any person
or personality. Come experience this brilliance at Ristorante daVinci as
you watch modern day jets soar into the sky at the Long Beach
Airport while enjoying fine Italian dining.

   Piper Champagne Split                               Cadillac Margarita    

On the evening of our visit, my guest and I began our meal with a few chilled glasses
of a crisp Pinto Grigio, Campo Grande, imported from Italy. This was the first of many insightful suggestions made by our most capable server, Anna, and it proved to also
be the perfect accompaniment to our first course; a very thinly sliced Crudo di
Pesce, a paper thin Halibut topped with Pomegranade Oil, Beer Chip and
Opal Basil, delicious and also we tasted the Carpaccio, a thinly sliced
beef Tenderloin, topped with Julienned apples and celery
root, frizzled with black truffle Vinaigrette.

Crudo di Pesce                                         Beef Carpaccio

Next to arrive was a marvelously assortment of imported cured meets and
marinated olives, called Affettato Misto, which also included a taste of their
delicious prosciutto di parma with quince gelee and creamed truffle honey.
  Affettato Misto                                            Calamari Fritti   
We could not miss a salad, so our amazing server Anna, surprised us with two of their great selection of salads…the Spinach and the Autunno salads. The spinach, a baby spinach, sliced red apples, and crispy shallots in a warm bacon vinaigrette, and the roasted butternut squash, watercress, caramelized cipollini, forest mushrooms
and hazelnuts tossed with a sweeet balsamic vinigrette. Both salads were
fresh and could also be ordered as a meal, it was really a great choice.

Spinache Salad                                          Autunno Salad

We could not miss their fantastic selecion of homemade pastas, so our choice was
the Risotto D’aragosta, prepared with the Arborio Rice with East coast Lobster,
white wie, and lobster butter. I can assure you that this was one of the very finest risotto that I have ever tasted; it was light and delicate, but perfectly al dente.
The sauce was a total knockout with a soft creamy richness, augmented
by the wonderfully rustic overtones of the lobster flavors.

Risotto D’aragosta                                 Gnocchi alla Romana

Next, my guest’s choice was the Gnocchi alla romana, an Italian potatoe
dumplings with a Red Wine Braised Short Rib Ragu. Another amazing
choice, it was spectacular and truly the best gnocchi we tried recently.

Meditterranean Stripped Bass

This proved to be only the beginning, however, as Anne returned with our Secondi,
a pan roasted, Meditterranean Stripped Bass with Fresh Vegetables and Potato Fondue. The tender fish had been cooked just to the point of lightly flaking
and, as it soaked in the luxuriant sauce, the elegant aromas began to
waft across the table. It turned out to be one of the most
delightfully inventive dishes of the entire meal.

Costata di Manzo a Grilled 22 oz. Bone-In Angus Ribeye

Not to be outdone, the Chef immediately topped himself with an exquisite
Costata di Manzo a Grilled 22 oz. Bone-In Angus Ribeye with Gongonzola butter,
topped with wilted greens and parmesan roasted potatoes. It was an entrée
of refined, consummate elegance, and was tender beyond compare.

Our Server Anne, Chef Arturo Herrera and Server Franco

Head Chef, Arturo Herrera is a talented import from Mexico and he is expert
in numerous, regional techniques, and has set a new standard at Da Vinci by
completely reinventing their already impressive menu to accentuate an even
greater Mediterranean flair. His gracious, modest demeanor is exceeded
only by his gifted ability to prepare tantalizing, Epicurean fare.

   Assortment of Cheeses                         Chocolate Custard Mousse

Although we resisted slightly, Anna, finally convinced us that we could not leave without sampling their special, chocolate custard mousse. This incredible dessert is
a dense, creamy mousse-like melange of chocolaty heaven. The special sauce
added to the intense richness, and was the perfect compliment to the great
food, wine and starlit sky that we had already enjoyed.

  Fantastic Wines                                   Flight of Port Wines   

While Da Vince Ristorante is a favorite of locals, and has already been discovered
by a number of film and television personalities; discriminating diners from all surrounding areas also deserve to be let in on the secret as well. Without a
doubt, this is the perfect time to take an unhurried drive to Long Beach,
and re-discover this 'jewel' of a restaurant for yourself!

For map and location click Here!

For more information please visit their website at

Articles By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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