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Andrea's Restaurant Review

The Lobby Entrance                                 The Bar at Andrea

While it may be physically impossible to bring an Italian restaurant to Newport
Beach, Chef Gianluca ReFraschini and Sous Chef Derik Brooks have come remarkably close. The charming ambiance hints of old world Italy, while the
aromatic and flavorful dishes exude authenticity. Anyone considering an
escape to Italy should first pay a visit to this local favorite.

Champagne and Signature Drinks

After enjoying a glass of Brunello di Montalcino Col’Doncia a magnificently red
Italian wine, we began our unforgettable meal with Antipasto e Insalate, first
we sampled the Carciofi Brasati, Salsa Verde; a braised artichoke
wonderfully prepared with parsley and bread crumbs. 

    Braised Artichoke                                Melanzane alla Parmigiana

The second, featured exceptionally tasty the Melanzane alla Parmigiana,
one of the best eggplant with fresh tomato salse we have ever tasted.

 Insalata di Carpaccio di Manzo

Next the Insalata di Carpaccio di Manzo, with polenta croutons, and
parmigiano shavings, the great thing about these appetizers, was
that you can enjoy them all without feeling heavy.

 Prosciutto di San Daniele al Coltello

And the last one was the Prosciutto di San Daniele al Coltello, con Tigella e
Gnoccho Fritto, a 18 month cured, San Daniele Prosciutto hand sliced
and served with Romagna bread and Taggiasca Olives, a sensational
way to enjoy the best ham in the entire world, this was one of the
best appetizer selections we could have enjoyed.

Of course, there were Pizzas, Soups and Salads but were told to escape and
instead try Chef’s amazing creation of their home made pastas, and risottos,
so next came their signature Risotto of Wild Mushrooms with a trio of
cheeses; Chantrel, Black Trumpet, Hen of the Woods and Porcini. 

Preparing the Risotto

Wild Mushroom Risotto for Two

Also the presentation is amazing, they bring to your
table the entire Parmeggiano Regiano cheese, where your
risotto is finally prepared and served to you. An amazing and unique
way to enjoy the best risotto in town, and to enjoy dish fantastic dish, we were
sampling their fabulous wine Super Tuscan which paired perfectly with our meal.

Gnocchi with Truffles                                    Ravioli di Ricotta   

Another 2 delicious pastas were presented for our tasting; the Gnocchi con Fonduta
di Parmigiano e Tartufo Nero di Norcia, the gnocchi was super soft with a delicious taste and aroma of the truffles and my favorite the Ravioli di Ricotta, Spinaci, Burro
e Salvia, a great portion of ravioli filled with ricotta, and a simple but delicious butter and sage sauce, one of the finest versions of pastas that we have ever tasted.

Rack of Lamb Garnished with Olive Oil  and Potatoes

The service we received throughout our visit was masterful, and highly attentive to
our every need. The entrees arrived as we sipped our wine and we were dazzled
by their attractive presentation and mouthwatering aroma. My guest’s Carre’
D’Agnello al forno Patate all’Olio d’Oliva, sugo naturale was fantastically
seasoned natural jus and garnished with olive oil and potatoes. The meat
was juice and exquisite rendition of properly prepared oven roasted
Rack of Lamb. The dish was aromatic and delicate in flavor,
as well as being so substantial in quantity.

Pan Seared Turbot Fish

I am a fish lover, so I tried their signature the Pan Seared Turbot Fish,
with White Wine, Young Spinach, Spring Onion Salad. A very
taste and delicate fish, that reminded me of a Sea bass.

Dessert Samplers of Fruit and Chocolate Gelatos

Sous Chef Derik Brooks capped off our meal with a dessert sampler consisting of a
very dense and the most amazing selection of Gelatos. As Andrea, their gelato
is made daily in their Laboratorio del Gelato which is an authentic artisan
fashion, with rich whole milk, organic eggs and fresh seasonal fruit.

Arabica Tiramisu

We also tasted their amazing 100%
Arabica Tiramisu. We finished the feast with a glass of
perfectly aged Port wine, a classic after dinner wine that is an Italian favorite.

 Fantastic Ports Wines                           Vintage Balsamic Vinegar

As we quietly sat by candlelight for a few additional moments, I realized that Andrea Restaurant was both the perfect place to visit for an artful introduction to true Italian cuisine, or to reminisce over a long past Italian holiday. The only question is,
with such delicious and authentic food available right here in Newport
Beach, why bother with the long, expensive flight to Italy?

For more information please visit their website at or call 800-820-6800

For map and location click Here!

Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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