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Michaels's On Naples Ristorante Review

Michael’s on Naples excels at bringing the traditions and elegance of fine Italian dining to the Long Beach Area. Chef Matthew Poley’s delectable Northern Italian cuisine ranges from delightful treats, such as Ravioli di Funghi homemade to reliable favorites, such as Risotto di Capesante. An outstanding and extensive wine list complements every dish on the menu. The classic setting is full of old world charm, as is the
gracious host Massimo Aronne. With a combination of fantastic service,
great food, and warm atmosphere, it’s no surprise Michael’s on
Naples continues to be a local favorite


Long Beach’s downtown business district is a picturesque venue for enjoying a
fine dining experience, although it gets a bit crowded on weekends and
during summertime. That's one of the advantages of Michael’s
discreet placement. It offers quick access, easy parking.

Cucumber Spa Martini                            Blackberry Basil Martini

On the evening of our visit, my guest and I decided to take
advantage of the bar and tried some of their favorite martinis.

Carne Cruda

Then we started our meal with a glass Barolo Sordo imported from Italy. This was
the first of many insightful suggestions made by our most capable server, and it
proved to also be the perfect accompaniment to our first course; Carne
Cruda very thinly sliced bread served with marinated row meat,
served with a lemon sauce, fresh basil and spices.

Chef Matthew Poley                                Octopus Carpaccio 

We tried a variety of amazing appetizers; their portions also were great to be
shared between 3 or 4 people. Our next delicious and very unique was the
Carpaccio di Polipo, the most amazing way to enjoy a Octopus Carpaccio
with Manila clams, dandelion greens, baby artichokes, peeled fingering
potatoes, chives, and Calabrian peppers. I have never tasted
such an incredible dish, simply divine!

Calamari Friti

Next we tried the Calamari Friti, another wonderful creation, this was truly one
of the best Calamari Friti we have ever tasted, and it was deep fried
fresh Calamari, zucchini,eggplant and sage served with cucumber
aioli sauce and spicy tomato sauce. It was hot, it was spicy and
it was out of this world in taste and presentation.

Sparkling Water by Natura

At Michael’s they changing the way we drink...water,
that is. Their new water purification system utilizes state-of-the-art
carbon filters and ultraviolet light technologyto produce naturally tasting chilled
water that retains healthful minerals while eliminating all impurities. While tap water
will still be available at no cost, the new water (in still and sparkling varieties) will be
available by the glass for $1(includes refills). “Their new Natura water purification system is the perfect complement to the restaurant’s environmentally friendly
operations and a great alternative to traditional bottled waters that
require large carbon footprints to produce.”


We were told not to miss their Pizzette, a grilled pizza with seck, buffala mozzarella
and roasted tomatoes, this one I would easily have one for lunch and one of dinner.

Borsetti D’Astice Neri (Homemade Black Pasta)

Next to arrive was a marvelously fresh, Borsetti D’Astice Neri, a homemade
black pasta filled with Maine Lobster, shrimp and eggplant in lobster broth with
pesto and roasted fennell. I can assure you that this was one of the very finest
pastas that I have ever tasted; it was light and delicate, but perfectly al dente.
The sauce was a total knockout with a soft creamy richness, augmented
by the wonderfully rustic overtones of the pesto flavor.

Ravioli di Funghi

Another amazing pasta not to be missed was the Ravioli di Funghi, a
wild mushroom stuffed fresh pasta with brown butter and lemon.

Branzino con Zucchine al Vino Bianco (Mediterranean Sea Bass)

This proved to be only the beginning, however, as our server returned with delicious Branzino con Zucchine al Vino Bianco, a Sauteed fresh Mediterranean Sea Bass
with succhini, fingerling potatoes, cherry tomatoes, Gaeta olives, lemon and white wine. The tender fish had been cooked just to the point of lightly flaking and, as it soaked in the luxuriant sauce, the elegant aromas of garlic began to waft across the table. It turned out to be one of the most delightfully inventive dishes of the entire
meal. It was an entrée of refined, consummate elegance, and was tender
beyond compare. Chef’s Poley gracious, modest demeanor is exceeded
only by his gifted ability to prepare tantalizing, Epicurean fare.

Ricotta Fritters

Although we resisted slightly, Massimo, finally convinced us that we could not leave
without sampling their special, Ricotta Fritters. This incredible dessert is a delicious
heaven. The special sauce added to the intense richness, and was the perfect
compliment to the great food, wine and starlit sky that we had already enjoyed.

While Michael’s on Naples Ristorante is a favorite of locals, and has already been discovered by a number of film and television personalities; discriminating diners
from all surrounding areas also deserve to be let in on the secret as well. Without
a doubt, this is the perfect time to take an unhurried drive to Long Beach,
and re-discover this 'jewel' of a restaurant for yourself!

Special thanks for owner Michael Dene for allowing
us to enjoy and have a magnificent experience.

For more information please visit their
website at

For map and location click Here!

Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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