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Tapas and Wine Bar C Restaurant Review

Stepping through the street-level entrance puts guests at a high vantage point, overlooking a dining room that is very loving and cozy, providing every
patron with a regal entrance and an opportunity to slowly savor
the restaurant’s stunning ambiance and amazing food.

A whimsical interpretation of elegance and a coy mingling of historic and modern. Bar C brings creative humor of Tokyo's city center to downtown Los Angeles. With interiors designed by Miss Cha Cha, the intimate room exudes sensuality,
highlighted by waitresses outfitted in chic, retro French Maid costumes.
Historic elements are incorporated with modern sensibility, such as
the faux pink fur intermingling with touches of black, white and
grey to create a veritable fantasy land. 


The bar extends the full length of the space, boasting a full selection of spirits as well
as one of the most comprehensive offerings of cult vineyards and winemakers from around the globe. The back bar is decked in mahogany wine vaults, displaying many rare and distinguished labels. Overhead, large plasma screens might display a Laker's game just down the street, a night of karaoke, or possibly a Japanese animated short. The tufted walls of fur extend throughout the space, with black lace curtains marking the separation of booth seating that frames the dining area., a refreshing burst of
savvy elegance that seems year's ahead of the city's dining scene.

Yet as sophisticated as the decor is, its effect is to encourage playfulness.
Even early in the evening, the space is abuzz with lively conversation
and smiling groups of guests. The dining room, too, is filled with
jovial chatter, coming from couples and large parties alike.

During one visit, we arrive and were eager to try their Tapas, a popular
venture that showcases an inspired selection of small plates
prepared by talented Chef Fred Iwasaki.

        Long Island Ice Tea                      Large selection of Sake and Wine

Despite the lure of the tapas bar, we are drawn to the dining room, whose stunning decor and whimsical elegance we can't resist. We are seated in one of several booths, and are immediately drawn to the wine list which is enticing and easily-navigated, complete with insightful descriptions of by-the-glass offerings and featured bottles. While the by-the-glass selection tends toward the domestic, the bottle list leans
equally on American and Italian wines, with a spattering of select South African, Australian, and other European selections. I'm enticed by a Joseph Phelps, 2003, which proves simultaneously citrus and crisp, with a sharp, spicy finish of herbs
and pepper. My companion's choice, a house Sake; elegant and smooth,
with deep flavors of cherry and a creamy mouth feel.

The menus are equally magnetic, giving guests
an amazing choice of delicious items.

Bar C Cheese Mix Plate

We started with Bar C Cheese Mix Plate, consisting of 6 kinds of cheese
on a plate, served with crackers, very good and the variety of cheeses
were perfect as a start. Next from the favorite appetizer for beer. 


 We tried the Quesadilla; it was one of the best we have
ever tried! And all these tapas were big enough to be shared by 4 people.

Mushroom Salad                                      Seafood Salad

From the salad menu, we got to try 2 salads, that again, were perfect to
share, and delicious very delicious. The Mushroom salad, with sautéed shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, & shime ji mushroom with house dressing. This
salad by itself is a meal, the flavors of the mushroom were simply amazing,
and we all loved this salad. Next salad was the Seafood Salad; with a
combination of sashimi style tuna, salmon, octopus & white fish
with house dressing, a wonderful way to enjoy sashimi
and greens together, very light and fresh.

Beef Carpaccio

From the favorite appetizer for the red wine, Chef Iwasaki sent us the Beef Tataki with Tomato Bacon; a very rate cooked cold sliced beef with chopped tomato
and chopped bacon. This dish is a playful introduction to Chef Iwasaki's
cuisine, a clear fusion of his affinity for Asian flavors and his penchant
for haute preparations. The dish is elegant and exquisite.

  Beef Tataki with Tomato                   Steamed Clams and Mussels

From the Favorite Appetizer for White Wine and Champagne menu, we tasted the Clam and Mussel, with steamed manila clam and black mussel with lobster flavor
and Chinese black beach sauce. Presentation is minimalist, almost a creamy
delicious sauce that makes it perfect to enjoy the amazing clams and mussels.
While this dish is thought-provoking and demanding, each bite
of the comforting mussels is pure pleasure. 

Next we tasted the Spy Shrimp with Cheese, a sautéed Jumbo Shrimp with TomatoSauce and Swiss cheese on Top. The presentation may be classic,
but the preparation is deviant: the first bite reveals a subtle, smoky and
spice comforting flavor that can only mean one thing, tomato. Indeed,
Chef Iwasaki lends a spicy decadence to the shrimp itself.

Spy Shrimp with Cheese                             Seafood Spaghetti    

From the Pasta menu, our server told us not to miss the Seafood Spaghetti with
Bar C Cream Sauce. A deep dish holds a pool of Shrimp, Scallop, Clam and
Mussel withthe most delicious whit sauce. The lush texture of fresh pasta
and the creamy, explosive flavor of the seafood is decadent. The
contrast is revelatory, making this a truly engaging dish.

The Fondue menu was also something that we could not miss. They have 3 kinds;
the Vegetable, Meat and Seafood. Our choice was the seafood; it may be the
most unique preparation on the menu. The cheese is surprising and light.
Comes with salmon, shrimp, scallop, tuna and vegetables. Regardless of
what fills the fork, each bite of this dish is intriguing, rich, and satisfying.

    Seafood Cheese Fondue                   Fantastic French Maid Servers

A tapas meal at Bar C is one to let linger, as there seems no reason to leave such a
lively, playful setting. As the evening progresses, and the sun sets, translucent blinds
shield the streets outside, and the whole room seems like a secret underground
supper club. Surrounded by the buzz of conversation and laughter, there seems
no choice but to prolong the evening by indulging more drinks at the bar.

When the meal can be prolonged no longer, even the exit from Bar C
seems elegant. The slow ascent allows for a last glance around the
charming space; taking in the lively buzz, the playful decor,
and the welcoming staff, it is easy to vow to return.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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