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The Foundry on Melrose Restaurant Review

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that blow you away. A bite of perfectly moist chicken, an elusive, vibrant spiciness, an elegant blend of garlic and lemon. 

The Foundry on Melrose                           Chef Eric Greenspan

The Foundry, owned by Executive Chef and owner of the Foundry on Melrose, Eric Greenspan, who made his reputation as Executive Chef at Patina and the opening
chef at Meson G, launches the Foundry on Melrose. The new 90 seat restaurant, located between Vista and Gardner has been renovated to utilize new world,
industrial materials while reflecting an old world warmth and charm. This look
will mirror the chef’s cutting edge and modern flair amongst the foundation of
classic technique. This means that dishes are authentic. In an era where
nouvelle seems to be the standard and invention the norm, The
Foundry’s simple and classic cuisine is a refreshing reminder
that sometimes a return to the basics is in order.

Inside Dining and Bar Area                            Outside Patio Area     

Eric, who has worked at such influential award-winning restaurants such as Union Pacific and Alain Ducasse at the Essex House, and alongside such Michelin-
acclaimed chefs as David Bouley and Ferran Adria of El Bulli offers a
limited, ever-changing ala carte menu, blending bold flavors, perfect
technique and creative touches that reflect the American,
French, and Spanish influences on his career.

Strawberry Collins                                Long Island Ice Tea

While sophisticated in both preparation and presentation, there is often a touch
of whimsy to Eric’s cooking, a style that can only be summed up by "modern
American." While tasting menus will also be available, including a vegetarian
option, the ala carte menu will feature luxury items with humble ingredients
creating an upscale, causally elegant feel; "fine dining for the everyday man."

Great Wine Selections                               Cadillac Margarita    

The restaurant's comfortable contemporary interior, courtesy of Sandy Davidson (Meson G, Rocca) flawlessly parallels both the imaginative, modern elements and
the warm, traditional base of the cuisine. The venue's hand-crafted, art-deco feel
has been inspired by the craftsmanship of the Machine Age and the industrial innovation of Streamline Modernism. Sconces fabricated from vintage heat
registers, wood and steel accents, antique light fixtures and colorful abstract
at from the times provide a warm and inviting Stepping through the doors,
the decor is tasteful and welcoming, an elegant bar that serves great drinks,
and comfortable chairs and elegant booths comprise seating options.


The whole space is welcoming and warm. A constant stream of guests walks
through the doors, a single diner, a family with young children, two women
catching up after work, a party of eight in good spirits. An open kitchen
sits behind large windows, and the fact that you can see your meal
being prepared is one of many ways this feels like home.


There’s only one way to fully explore these dishes is to try them all. If you don't
know where to start, turn to the accompanying fresh bread. To call the bread
fresh would be an understatement: it is cooked to order. We sampled each
dish vying for our attention before the last is fully swallowed.

There is something to be said for simplicity, the appetizers were truly great and simple. We tried the Yellowtail Sashimi with grapefruit, radish, avocado; it was a great dish and again light and fresh. The Hand Rolled pasta, with duck comfit, mushroom,
kale and parmesan, another wonderful choice, the pasta was homemade
and perfectly done, the duck added a flavorful taste to this dish.

   Yellowtail Sashimi with Grapefruit         Hand Rolled Pasta, with Duck Comfit

A nice and light salad, if you love beets, is the Salad of Roast Beets and Burrata Cheese, with balsamic beet puree and raw beets. As far as the Mid Course, we
did try the Grilled Cheese sandwich, a delicious way to enjoy this dish prepared
with taleggio, raisin bread, and apricot-caper puree. Many other chefs have
their own exalted version of the sandwich. At the Foundry on Melrose,
Eric Greenspan has a grilled cheese that weds taleggio cheese with
short ribs, arugula and apricot caper purée on raisin bread, a
wonderful combination which I guarantee you will love it!

Roast Beet Salad                                       Grilled Cheese

At the end of our meal, we look over the table, satisfied by the array of flavors and textures and colors that we have just enjoyed. Before the dishes are cleared, I
have a brief moment when I feel as if we are dining in a home, and I should
offer to help clear the dishes. The flavors still dancing over my tongue, I
come to my senses, and realize we have just had one of the more
enjoyable restaurant experiences in a long time.

Alaskan Halibut with Zucchini, Baby Squash, and Roasted Lemon Béarnaise

As if all this was not enough food, it was time for the entrees. First was the
Alaskan Halibut, with zucchini, baby squash, and roasted lemon
béarnaise. This was the perfect merging of flavors that were
tame enough for more sensitive palates.

Roasted Salmon, with Crushed Potatoes and Roasted Lemon Sauce

Although we selected two seafood dishes as our entrees, my guest ordered
the Roasted Salmon, with crushed potatoes and roasted lemon sauce,
this dish will please even the seafood shy, one of the best
Salmon dishes we have ever tasted.

Cheddar Glazed Short Ribs with Creamed Corn, Mustard Greens

My other guests were meat lovers, so their entrees were equally delicious; the Cheddar Glazed Short Ribs with creamed corn, mustard greens, and tempura
onion rings was perfectly done and absolutely delicious, and the Maple
Soy Glazed Duck was also one of the best ways to enjoy duck,
served with sun chokes, artichokes and apricots.

Maple Soy Glazed Duck with Sun Chokes, Artichokes and Apricots

Stuffed by this point, we had our server, box up the remains of our generous entrees, but not before Chef Greenspan managed to tempt us to try two of their desserts.
We were happy we did; the Roasted Strawberry Shortcake and the
Bread Pudim. It was the most delicious pudim I’ve ever tasted,
and although I was not able to finish it, I certainly tried!

Strawberry Shortcake                                    Bread Pudim       

The Foundry is a relatively new addition to the Melrose area, and it was early yet when we were finally digested enough to leave, so I was surprised to find the
patio facing Melrose practically full when we walked out to the street.
Obviously word is spreading about the Melrose’s freshest catch.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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