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Villa Blanca Restaurant Review

Villa Blanca Restaurant restaurant is one of Beverly Hills most flavorful dining destinations. Benefiting from Italian, Mediterranean, and Asian influences, the
menu ranges from Kurobata pork tenderloin w/ Chinese five-spice powder,
candied apples, & crispy prosciutto; to flatbread pizza w/ shrimp & chorizo;
to the shredded chicken/vine-ripened tomatoes/spinach/roasted pine nut
"Spaghetti Lolita", which should really be made with a flat pasta.


The elegant décor is welcoming and comfortable; combined with the food it just may convince you that you’re not in Beverly Hills anymore. From the hubby/wife team owner Lisa Vanderpump Todd and Ken Todd, who besides owning SUR, have
also honed their skills as proprietors of the well known London establishments
Jewel, Shadow Lounge and 20 other London eateries and clubs. Villa Blanca is
a palatial bistro, pimped with engraved columns, pillow-laden banquettes,
gorgeous arrangements of while flowers, and regal white leather furniture. The atmosphere is so engaging I lose myself in the large dining room. The ambiance to
me, is extremely important to the experience of eating at Villa Blanca, flowers,
lighting, candles, chairs, staff, every aspect you look is great, and the music
was one of the most spectacular song arrangements I’ve ever heard.


I contemplate what it is about this restaurant that gives the impression of a generous and comforting old friend, and easily conclude that the colors and the light certainly have something to do with it. The stunning décor, along with amazing arrangement
of flowers placed in tall vases, further accentuate the carefree attitude that
is rapidly taking over my psyche. I am only disrupted out of my
reverie by the arrival of my dining partners.

My guests and I glance over Villa Blanca’s extensive award-winning wine list, and are instantly impressed by the selection. Although dominated by California and French wines, Villa Blanca does offer selections from Italy, France, and Argentina. Their
well-rounded wine selection aims to please anyone from the amateur wine
drinker to the persnickety wine connoisseur. Villa Blanca’s dinner menu
also offers a broad assortment of dishes: from great appetizers,
salads, flatbread pizzas and incredible entrees. 
Lisa Vanderpump Todd (Middle) with Executive Chef  Francis Dimitrius

We decide to try the Champagne Comtesse Michele Elizabeth Brut Grand Cru.
My guests went for the Chateaux La Fleur Bibian wonderful Bordeaux that went
well with our entire meal. We also enjoyed cocktails at their stunning bar,
surrounded by the nice and very good looking barterders that were
so kind and allowing us to try their superb cocktails creation.
Champagne                                Lychee Martini

The kitchen is headed Executive Chef Francis Dimitrius, a Southern California
native, who attended the California School of Culinary Arts, Le Cordon Bleu
after receiving a BS from USC. Previous to Koi, the die-hard Trojan fan
served as Chef at Matsuhisa in Aspen and Chez Melange in Redondo
Beach respectively. Fresh from a two year stint as Executive Chef at
Koi in Los Angeles, Dimitrius pulls from his background in classic
Mediterranean, Italian and European cooking along with Asian
influences. He is excited to be able to showcase
the Mediterranean and European influences, and
his menu was truly distinctive.

A dining experience at Villa Blanca is a series of captivating details
that tantalize the senses. We started our meal with a selection
of appetizers that were simply divine.

Breadcrumb Encrusted Eggplant

The Breadcrumb Encrusted Eggplant was
layered with chevre and vine ripened tomatoes and finished with
Villa Blanca’s marinara. This colorful dish is as enjoyable to look at as it is to taste.

 Beef Carpaccio in a White Truffle Vinaigrette

Next the Beef Carpaccio, a filet seared in a white truffle vinaigrette and garnished with hearts of palm, double crème brie and micro arugula. The color of the red meat is made even more dramatic against the light delicate color of the greens in this dish.
A well done dish, we all enjoyed very much. Next the Ahi Tuna Tartare, a raw
Ahi mixed with avocado, green onion, ginger and sesame oil and garnished
with house truffle chips; the aroma of the fish is immediately
present as I lean forward to welcome the full fragrance.

     Ahi Tuna Tartare                               Baked King Crab Rolls

The Baked King Crab Rolls, a mixture of King crab wrapped in soy paper
with risotto and warmed with a touch of creamy spicy aoili. Playful in
presentation, a forkful proves elegant and delicate; it is
unique and intriguing in both texture and flavor.

The Crispy Rock Shrimp was to die for; lightly tempura battered and tossed in their spicy harissa aoili, was divine! Another great dish to enjoy when you bring your
friends along, because you can’t have this one by yourself, the portion was
super large! The last appetizer we tried may please many fans of its
Chinese equivalent, the delicious Crispy Rice & Spicy Tuna; Ahi
Tuna mixed with their harissa aioli atop pan fried rice cakes and
garnished with red jalapeno. Another great creation that
we all enjoyed without any doubt.

        Crispy Rock Shrimp                      Crispy Rice & Spicy Ahi Tuna

As far as salads, we were told by our server, not to miss the Fresh Lobster
and Crab salad. Organic baby mixed greens and arugula with mango,
bacon and cherry tomatoes in their Dijon vinaigrette. A light
salad and delicious as well, to enjoy on a summer night!

Fresh Lobster and Crab Salad

When it’s time to move on from the appetizers, the menu continues to bring
delightful surprises. With the appetizer portion of the meal completed, it
was time to button down for some serious eating. Executive Chef
Francis Dimitrius, confidently presented us with the first of six dishes
and again we could not tell which dish we enjoyed the most.

Sides of Wild Mushrooms and Golden Raisin Couscous

Chef Dimitrius granted us a glimpse of his more creative side, the Drunken
Battered Fish & Chips; this was without any doubt the best Fish & Chips
I’ve tried in the past. A lightly Guinness-battered Chilean sea bass served
with farmer’s market vegetables. Do I need to say it was fantastic?

Drunken Battered Fish & Chips

Next, we tried the Miso-Glazed Black Cod, marinated then broiled and served
on a bed of parmesan polenta with broccolini sautéed in sesame chili oil. The broccolinis give the dish a colorful and playful presentation. The whole
dish has a unique flavor and the sweetness of the Black Cod, was
simply heaven. I was the one who requested this dish.

Miso-Glazed Black Cod with Parmesan Polenta and Broccolini

The Grilled Organic Salmon, a farm raised and seasoned with seven spice rub, served with mashed potatoes and an avocado-citrus salad, finished with a honey-soy glazed. The flavor and originality of this dish was truly an “opera d’arte”, a mix of simple and sophisticated. If you are a Salmon lover, do not miss this superb creation.

Grilled Organic Salmon with Mashed Potatoes and an Avocado-Citrus Salad

The Chilean Sea Bass was another dish we were told not to be missed. Covered
with mango chipotle chutney accompanied by crispy prosciutto lentils and roasted baby vegetables. The flavor and tenderness of the fish simultaneously exploded
in my mouth and brought back visions of some of the lavish birthday dinners
that I had the good fortune to be treated to while I was growing up.

Chilean Sea Bass with Mango Chipotle Chutney

Our peppercorn Encrusted Filed Mignon, roasted to order served with a plum wine Bordelaise, mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts, also came with a side order of Golden Raisin Couscous, this side combination is an excellent companion to the
tender and juicy meat, the a plum wine Bordelaise, only adds to the fresh and sophisticated taste of this creative dish. The flavor is light with just a hint of
nuttiness and the filet mignon is beautifully browned. Again, as with so
many of Chef Dimitrius’s dishes, the taste of fresh produce reveals
how important buying locally grown produce can be, not only
to the community but to the flavor of each dish.

Peppercorn Encrusted Filed Mignon with a Black Truffe Reduction

The star of the show is Villa Blancas’ Grilled Omaha Ribeye (10 oz). Finished with
a black truffe reduction, Point Reyes blue cheese gratinee and accompanied by fingerling potatoes and roasted baby vegetables. This dish has rightfully earned
Chef Dimitrius much acclaim, this one was accompanied by another side order;
the wild mushrooms and asparagus. Each element works in conjunction with
the other. Chef Dimitrius’s innovation allows him to coordinate his dishes
to harmonize with local seasonal ingredients, in this particular dish
these delicious fresh seasonal touches are forced into
a close second to the tenderly Ribeye.

Grilled Omaha Ribeye with Point Reyes Blue Cheese Gratinée

As we discuss our meals, our server brings the dessert menu. Our desserts are
served next and we are delighted to find the English Sticky Toffee Pudding.
This sweet pudding is served with real vanilla ice cream. We are also
treated to a Sunday ice cream. These special desserts are just one
more example of how Chef Dimitrius can utilize anything and
everything to create unique and amazing dishes.

  Sticky Toffee Pudding                         Villa Blanca Cheesecake

As we leave Villa Blanca, we look back and notice that if there is anything to
be learned from our experience there, is that nothing is set in stone. From the ambiance to the food, Villa Blanca is continuously adjusting to anticipate
the needs and desires of all customers. Chef Dimitrius is constantly
incorporating new ingredients and fresh ideas to ensure
that each dining experience is unique.

Villa Blanca’s continuing presence in the dining area ensures that a sense of quiet elegance is always preserved. Every effort is made to ensure guests at Villa
Blanca certainly feel as though each meal is designed exclusively for them.
Our special thanks to the beautiful and sexy owner Lisa Vanderpump
Todd and Ken Todd for generous hospitality.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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