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The Waterfront Restaurant Review

Perched atop an Oceanside in Marina del Rey, the Panificio's Waterfront
Restaurant offers a spectacular view. The dining room overlooks Marina
del Rey's marina view and set before an elegant backdrop of the coastline.


Chef Lorenzo Ramos's impressively extensive menu celebrates the ocean's bounty
with dishes such as Dungeness Crab Cake, and he also showcases his range of talent
in select non-seafood dishes such as Bone in Rib Eye. The atmosphere, if anyone can
take their eyes off the view or the dishes, is comfortable and quaint, almost
intentionally unpretentious so as to let the view and cuisine shine.

Upon entering the restaurant we are struck by the dining room's visual appeal. The Lounge's large bar with its towering display of an incredible variety and different cocktails sets the sophisticated tone for the evening; promising intimate Happy
Hour rendezvous. Dimming sunlight filters in through panoramic windows,
and we are momentarily arrested by the calm beauty of the marina and
glistening Yates in front of us. A covered porch overlooking stunning
vistas offers up salty sea aromas with protection from brisk breezes.
It is an atmosphere that blends the ease of Southern California
beach culture with a suave, metropolitan luxury.

 Long Island Ice Tea                            Large Selection of Wines

Basking in our lush environment, we peruse the menu and wine list in eager
anticipation of our feast. Panificio's Waterfront Restaurant's extensive collection
of wines offers tasteful, trend-conscious selections of wines, beers, and champagne. Bogged down by delicious indecision, we welcome our server's guidance,
and relinquish our dining experience Chef Lorenzo's capable hands.

Grilled Ceasar's Salad

The Grilled Ceasar's Salad appears before us in bountifully green tandem. It
proves to be as well-balanced in flavor as it is visually, with each ingredient
layering texture and taste: fresh romaine lettuce brushed with olive oil and
grilled on a citrus vinaigrette dressing. Refreshing and weighty, earthy
and light, this salad invigorates the palate and prepares
our salivary glands for what is to come.

Seafood Cocktail

The Seafood Cocktail arrives in a stem-less
martini glass, like a delightful aperitif. It resembles a festive
present, celebrating gastronomic splendor, below these
delectable "party favors," pink shrimps and white chunks of calamari and
crab swim in an orangey-pink sea of citrus juices. The shrimp and
calamari meats are subtle and buttery, punctuated by a lingering
heat from the surprisingly subtle application of a spice
sauce. It is a revitalizing gift to the tongue.

Monterrey Bay Calamari

The Monterrey Bay Calamari is an inviting tangle of sticky, sesame-crusted rings, accented by a frizz of frisee on the plate. Chef Lorenzo's innovation of this staple snack is a deft balance of textures and flavors. Each calamari segment is lightly
coated in rice flour and then fried, giving it a hint of batter without imparting
greasiness. As I lick the sticky spiciness from my lips contentedly,
I am completely in accord with popular opinion, which
has already crowned this dish as a favorite.

Chilean Sea Bass

Next, our entrees. My choice was the Chilean Sea Bass. It was divine! Pressing
the fork through the sumptuously flaky fish is revealed: a mixture of buttery white
meat that make for a sublimely opulent take on the familiar fish. This dish's accompaniments amplify the flavors in opposite yet complementary ways,
a delicious capers and garlic mashed potato, which invigorates the
palate and prepares it for further flavor forays.

16 oz. Bone in Rib Eye

The grand finale of the evening, however, comes with the Bone in Rib Eye,
whose modestly rustic presentation belies its intricacies. A 16 oz. sit in a pool of
garlic mashed potatoes. Each bite of this delicious meat dissolves into pure buttery
sweetness, accentuated by the subtle garlic mashed potato. This inspired dish
manages to maintain the delicacy of the meat while infusing it with unconventional
flavor depths and ingredient combinations: unanimously favored by my dining
companion and me, we agree it is a dish worth returning for.

Marble Fudge Brownie

We could not miss their dessert, and again it was outstanding,
we had a Marble Fudge Brownie that my guest said,
it was the best brownie of his life!

After savoring Panificio's Waterfront Restaurant, we step outside and see the coast with new eyes while the salty sea air reminds me of our briny fruits de mer feast.
With the tranquil haze of this coastal escapade still clinging to us, we reluctantly
take our leave and prepare for the long drive back to reality.

Gregg Marx and emcee Sandy Seacrest (right)

They also provide great parties and entertainment, and on Friday's there is a
wonderful Burlesque show, with artists from all over the world, and last
Friday, we had the pleasure listening Gregg Marx and several
other singers that were rocking the place.

Do not miss the Burlesque show, and for details please, check
their website, since the schedule changes frequently.

For map and location click Here!

For more information please visit their website at >

For more information about Jazz for Thieves Cabaret events
please visit their website at

Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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