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Pane e Vino Restaurant Review

At this family-run Italian restaurant, owner Rod Dyer has transported the essence of Tuscany in Italy to the beautiful setting of West Hollywood. As a native from South Africa who also knows the niceties of Mediterranean dining, along with his main
Chef Victor Caro prides himself in the bona fide Italian ambiance of his restaurant, accenting the space with mood lighting and decorative rustic Italian glittering main room or in his garden setting. His Northern Italian cuisine includes a variety of
amazing appetizers, pastas, complemented by rich sauces such as Bolognese
and Puttanesca. With scrumptious signature entrees, over 10 selections
of wood-fired pizza, and a superb wine list, Pane e Vino Trattoria
is a charming place to bring the family, date or having
your anniversary or any special event.


West Hollywood is known for its young, trendy population and its vibrant nightlife.
Yet amid the margarita bars and sunglasses stores are the neighborhood’s true
gems, the places that seem to surpass fashion and fads by staying true to the
classic and the timeless. Pane e Vino Trattoria is such treasure, a restaurant
that has been serving authentic Italian food for nearly a decade.

Guests enter through an elegant door that divides a casual outside garden
patio, and inside, the space is a wash in earthy tones, with rust-colored
decorated with Rod’s artwork. It is a space where time slows, letting
the pleasures of the table play out in unhurried celebration.


The vibe throughout the space is warm and welcoming; due to owner Rod Dyer’s charming personality. Even when bustling with patrons, the space suggests an air
of calm. Much of the interior was designed and executed by Rod himself, who
in addition to his culinary talents boasts an interior graphic design degree and
an eye for detail. The chairs and tables in the main dining room allow
clients to view a semi-open kitchen and a wood-burning stove.

Rod Dyer and Chef Victor Caro                            Primitivo Wine            

The seating options are varied and accommodating. In addition to the beautiful out garden patio, the main dining room, there is also an elegant bar inside the dining
room that offers another seating option, for single diners or couples looking
for a casual meal. Over the course of an evening, the clientele is as varied
as the seating, with couples, families, and large groups of friends all
chatting away happily within the warm space. We also spotted
some celebrities that were having dinner.

Long Island Ice Tea, Champagne, Aperol, Cadillac Margarita

When we ourselves are settled in, my attention turns first to the cocktails and wine
list, with a selection of popular labels that leans mostly Italian and mostly red.
My eye is drawn to the Primitivo, an Italian red wine made from Falanghina
grapes grown on volcanic rock. The wine is crisp with an underlying
minerality that cuts through its rich, creamy backbone.

Focaccia al Formaggio

The menu, like the wine list, is amazing. And what a delight it is to flip through,
page after page is enticing and varied, making it difficult to select among
the traditional antipasti, vibrant salads, and an absolutely stunning
array of pastas, wood-fired pizzas and meats.

Gamberetti Alla Santa Margarita

Gamberetti Alla Santa Margarita is a popular starter, and an excellent way to
begin the meal. A Shrimp sautéed in cognac, honey, scallions and curry served
with grilled polenta, all accompanied by a saucer of vibrant curry, honey and
cognac sauce. The quality is evident, the shrimps are simply delicious, with its
pure flavors. We then tried the Focaccia al Formaggio, a thin pizza folded
and filled with fontina cheese and a delicious tomato sauce. Each bite
boasting a hint of crispness, an airy texture, and purity that only fresh
baked pizza can boast. It is rustic and comforting at once.

Risotto al Funghi Porcini                                 Beef Carpaccio      

As if on cue, a basket of complimentary house-made bread with olive oil arrives on
the table, also tonight we’re enticed by the fresh pastas, so we tried the Tortini di
Risotto al Funghi Porcini; crispy risotto cake, sautéed with porcini mushrooms.
Antipasti that is delicious and that can also be shared. We were in four and I
all enjoyed and shared all the delicious items we had that fabulous night.

Burrata with Pomodori                                Tortini di Granchio   

Next we tried the Burrata with Pomodori, a delicious fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, served with a delicious pressed olive oil, and our last was the most delicious
real blue crab cakes you can ever find. It is called Tortini di Granchio, blue crab
cakes stuffed with bread, artichoke heart, tomatoes. Amazing and super fresh,
one of the best we’ve ever eaten. The linguini con Vongole, was another
superb discovery, it was delicious linguini pasta covered with a
pie crust and inside succulent pieces of vongole (clams).
Do not miss this out, it is a must!

           Linguini con Vongole                   Tortelloni di Magro al Burro Bruciato

Our entrees were also divine, I tried the home made pasta; Tortelloni di Magro al Burro Bruciato, a pasta filled with dandelious greens, ricotta, parmesan, burned
butter and crispy sage. A pasta that will remain forever in your memory, simply outstanding! The butteriness of the sauce marries with the earthy tang of
the sage. This is a dish that is both luxurious and decadent.

Special of the Night:  Fresh Sole with Potatoes and Veggies

We have the pleasure of sampling the Sole, a special that features an eminently fresh, perfectly moist piece of sole fish paired veggies. The fish commands the plate. It is
a dish that is cooked to perfection, the fish flaking apart with just the touch of a
fork, burst of salty sea essence. Each bite seems simple and unpretentious,
a rustic homage to subtle flavors and quality ingredients.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

My two other guests were on the meat side, and they had the Bistecca alla
Fiorentina, a glorious cut of rib-eye steak grilled over mesquite charcoal, served
with Tuscan beans and finally the Lombata di Vitello al Rosmarino, a large milk-fed veal chop rosemary butter served with vegetables and roasted potatoes. It is
such as simple, elegant dish, yet one that resonates with subtle complexity.
At Pane e Vino they now are featuring certified Piedmontese
Beef, which is leaner, tastier, healthier and more tender.

Lombata di Vitello al Rosmarino

Dessert is a collection of Italian regional favorites, including the Tiramisu, the
traditional Northern Italian creation begins with lady fingers, mascarpone cheese, espresso and cocoa. The dense slices are flavorful, but just barely sweet, a perfect dessert in my opinion. Also, we tasted the Torta di Formaggio; mascarpone cheesecake with Amerena Cherries, the Crostata di Lampone, a raspberry
tart with custard and cream, and the Flourless Chocolate cake. 

Crostata di Lampone, Tiramisu, Flourless Chocolate cake, Torta di Formaggio

When the meal is finished, it is hard to get up from our seats. The space is
delightful and over the course of the meal we have begun to feel at home. Rod
Dyer truly welcome guests into his family, treating them like close friends for a few
hours at a time. For a taste of Italian hospitality and traditional regional Italian
cuisine, there is no better spot in West Hollywood than Pane e Vino Trattoria.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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