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RH Restaurant Review

ANDAZ HOTEL - Hyatt Hotels & Resorts has announced the January 2009 launch
of its second property under its new brand, Andaz. Located on West Hollywood’s vibrant Sunset Strip - the site of the legendary Hyatt West Hollywood - Andaz
West Hollywood reflects the cosmopolitan feel of its surrounding
neighborhood, while showcasing the brand’s friendly and caring
service, relaxed ambience and vibrant social spaces.

Cocktail Lounge and Bar Area

Throughout the hotel, visitors will uncover unique details of the West Hollywood culture such as quotes from local neighborhood personalities, art installations from
Los Angeles artists and impromptu music performances from some of the city’s
up-and-coming musicians. The public spaces - from the dramatic rooftop terrace
with heated pool and daybed seating to the vibrant restaurant and bar, will be
at the heart of Andaz West Hollywood’s hospitality experiences.

The hotel will boast spectacular panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills on one
side and the Sunset Strip and downtown Los Angeles on the other. In addition to
magnificent views, the 257 rooms, including 20 expansive suites, will include sitting
areas that can be used to work, rest, or play. Many of the guest rooms have been
designed with a glass-enclosed sunroom that overlooks Sunset Boulevard.

Private Dinning Room                               Main Dinning Room

As artist Jacob Hashimoto puts final details on his aluminum and stainless steel public
sculpture, which adorns the façade of RH Restaurant and the hotel, a lovely detail
that I though perfects the techniques to function within the space so that its
guests experience the maximum comfort and service that Andaz permits. 

In the spirit of openness and transparency that marks the style of RH Restaurant,
Chef Archambault and his team work in a kitchen completely open to the 100-seat
bar and restaurant. I truly enjoyed the scene and the amazing service. The walk-in
coolers feature glass doors so guests can observe their entire meal taking shape
from storage and preparation to cooking and plating. Their unique market
menu highlights Los Angeles’ climate and richness; “We give new
meaning to the concept of honest food,” Archambault told us.

Chef Archambault and his team work in a kitchen

A detail that I noticed on its servers clothing was that Andaz has partnered with
local designers Velvet by Graham & Spencer and Vince to supply the employee
“uniforms.” These uniforms were selected to reflect the individuality of its employees.
I think it is a very charming detail that allows guests to quickly realize who is
working there and defines their employees’ personal taste in fashion.

RH seats about a hundred guests at communal and private tables. Goldstein’s combinations of metal, stone, glass and fabric in the bar and restaurant offer both
the warmth and intimacy and the ruggedness and sophistication of mid-century
design. There’s a small chef’s dining table in the kitchen and two semi-private
dining rooms visible to the ground floor lounge and adjacent tables and bar.
Along the north side of the two private tables, about 75 different wines
Graves selected from local and regional producers will cover the
entire wall. They too are visible to diners and hotel guests.

    Long Island Ice Tea                            Great Selection of Wines

RH celebrates the neighborhood and the love of eating and drinking in good
company. guests enjoy a cocktail list that not only includes the classics, but
custom drinks that rely on the restaurant’s inherent focus on sourcing the
freshest seasonal ingredients available. The restaurant also offers a 16-
seat private dining room walled in by glass- enclosed wine storage.

RH’s seating continues into the bar, which is carpeted in a custom mosaic of tumbled marble inspired by a mid-century Brazilian design. The RH bar has a custom marble top backed by a screen of pressed, polished stainless-steel tiles whose rippled
surface creates funhouse reflections of the surrounding space. Positioned on the
Sunset Strip, RH’s glass box is covered by a chain-link steel skeleton
providing diners views of the exciting surrounding street life, as well as
Jacob Hashimoto’s art installation, “Departures”; an 11-foot-high
one of a kind cascade of hand-painted metal disks.

Greenland with Cucumber Liquor                       Custom Fruit Drink            

The bar offers amazing cocktails and wines. Highlights include: Mr. Plant (No. 209
gin, cucumber, tangerine and agave syrup),Carnival (Pyrat XO Reserve, white peach
juice, raspberries), The Steelo (Hangar One vodka, St. Germaine liqueur, grapefruit
juice, fresh blueberries). Wine consultant/sommelier Bonnie Graves has compiled an
eclectic wine list featuring 70 varieties of outstanding California and French wines,
focusing on small-lot, hand-crafted “boutique” wines. More than 20 varieties of
red, white and sparkling wines are offered by the glass. Select wines are made
from naturally, organically and/or sustainably farmed grapes, which echo
Chef Archambault’s commitment to local, artisanal produce.

     Chef Archambault                              Perigourdine Poached Egg

Our dining experience at their RH restaurant was truly fantastic. We had the pleasure of meeting their French-trained Chef Sebastien Archambault whom leads the culinary team as executive chef of RH and has created a fresh spin on the “market to table” concept with local vendors and growers, which focuses on regional,
seasonal ingredients and personal choice. In addition to a menu
of signature dishes, RH offers a market list.

         Mushroom Soup                            Prince Edward Island Mussels

Our appetizers selection were truly fantastic. The special soup of the night was the Mushroom Soup, which was one of the best we have ever had, the density and
the flavors were truly spectacular and one portion was enough for 2 people. I
love mussels, so I ordered the gratinated Prince Edward Island Mussels, with Sauvignon Blanc, cream sauce, parsley and garlic. This colorful dish is as
enjoyable to look at as it is to taste. The aromas of the mussels are
immediately present as I lean forward to welcome the full fragrance.

 Mushroom and Green Onion Tart

The mushroom and green onion tart was refreshing and light, as I inspect the many components of my dish, I let my fork move immediately to the crust of this dish.
It is fresh, lean and incredibly moist. The combination of mushrooms with
arugula is quite pleasing to my taste buds; the sweet, spicy, and salty
elements all work in conjunction to keep my fork moving.

Perigourdine Poached Egg                       Hard at work in the kitchen

Our final and divine appetizer was the Perigourdine poached egg with field mushrooms, foie gras, summer truffle, this rich dish served in a rustic
terrine with bread is truly the kind of dish that defines
what a comfort food should be.

Market fresh fish which was the Grouper with fresh Sautéed Veggies

Our main course meal was also unforgettable. I am someone who loves seafood,
so my choice was the Market fresh fish which was the Grouper served with
fresh sautéed veggies, nice and simple, and very light. Also we were told
not to miss the Crayfish Risotto Arborio, which was a great dish, made
with peas, romaine leaves, tomato and crayfish sauce.

Black Angus Filet Mignon

My guest is a meat lover, so he tried the Black Angus Filet Mignon with shallot comfit, on a wine reduction sauce. Again, as with so many of Chef Archambault’s dishes,
the taste of fresh produce reveals how important buying locally grown produce
can be, not only to the community but to the flavor of each dish.

     Cauliflower Gratin                              Triple Fried French Fries

This was a great dish and the sides were also spectacular, our servers told us not
to miss Chef’s famous Cauliflower Gratin and the Triple Fried French Fries.
Both were simply outstanding sides that go well with any entrée you may
choose. Chef Archambault’s innovation allows him to coordinate
his dishes to harmonize with local seasonal ingredients.

Crayfish Risotto Arborio                                     Rum Babba               

Our desserts are served next and we are delighted to find a Rum Babba
fruit minestrone with vanilla whipped cream was a super
delicious not to sweet way to finish our meal.

Walnut Cake with Caramel Sauce with Vanilla Ice Cream

The Walnut Cake with caramel sauce with vanilla ice cream was a great dessert,
the way I enjoyed, because it was not too sweet. We are also treated to
a Warm Chocolate Cake: This chocolate erupting cake is topped
with English toffee caramel ice cream. This special addition is
just one more example of how Chef Archambault can utilize
anything and everything to create a unique dish.

     Warm Chocolate Cake                     Fruit Tart with Raspberry Sorbet

As we leave RH, we look back and notice that the ambiance has changed dramatically. The colors have somehow transformed from light and airy to deep
and romantic. This change came so subtly and so naturally that we never noticed
as we were pampered by the unbelievably attentive staff of RH Restaurant. If
there is anything to be learned from our experience at RH Restaurant it is
that you can’t find a place like this anywhere. From the ambiance
to the food, RH is continuously adjusting to anticipate the
needs and desires of all customers. 

Chef Archambault’s team is constantly incorporating new ingredients and fresh
ideas to ensure that each dining experience is unique. The staff continuing presence
in the dining area ensures that a sense of quiet elegance is always preserved.
Every effort is made to ensure guests at RH Restaurant certainly
feel as though each meal is designed exclusively for them.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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