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Saint Amour Restaurant Review

Located in the heart of downtown Culver City, Saint Amour serves authentic
French cuisine in a Parisian brasserie setting. Their amazing crafted menu,
with extensive wine selection, impeccable service, and cozy atmosphere
will bring the best of Paris to your dining experience.

The constantly-evolving menu is based
on Chef Bruno Herve-Commereuc’s and Chef Karim Razgallah,
a homemade specialties paired with the freshest ingredients available.

At 7:30 p.m. on a Thursday night, I enter Saint Amour and am greeted personally by owner Florence Herve-Commereucl. She quickly leads us into the main dining room:
a charming room so luminous and airy I wondered for a moment if Florence has led me right into the French countryside. As we situate ourselves into a beautifully intimate table in the middle of the restaurant and in front of their charming bar. I gaze through Saint Amour’s amazing and charming French staff, and notice the alluring and charismatic patio seating outside as well. The bar area has a significant happy
hour crowd and the dining room is home to several guests, lots of French
people by the way, all smiling as they are undoubtedly enjoying
selections from Saint Amour’s “French Menu.”

The atmosphere in Saint Amour is so engaging…I contemplate what it is about this restaurant that gives the impression of a generous and comforting old friend, and
easily conclude that the colors and the light certainly have something to do
with it, the carefree attitude that is rapidly taking over my psyche.

My guest and I glance over Saint Amour’s extensive award-winning wine list, and
are instantly impressed by the selection to please anyone from the amateur wine drinker to the persnickety wine connoisseur. Saint Amour’s dinner menu
also offers a broad assortment of authentic French dishes.

  Frisee aux Lardons                            Morrocan Lamb Sausage

We decide to try some traditional salad and some appetizers. A delicious Frisee aux Lardons, a simple and delicious salad with eggs, bacon, tomatoes on a vinaigrette dressing, very fresh and light. Also, we tasted the Morrocan Lamb Sausage. The sausage is served with delicious and sweet carrots. This colorful dish is as
enjoyable to look at as it is to taste. The sausage is homemade
by the owner’s husband who prepares them from scratch.

Endive Salad

Also we got as a surprise by Chef Razgallah the special of the night the Endive Salad, which per our surprise was so delicious made with cream and melted cheese that, it tasted more like a lasagna than an endive salad. The aroma of the endives is immediately present as I lean forward to welcome the full fragrance of this
dish. It is fresh, lean and incredibly moist. The combination of this entire
dish is quite pleasing to my taste buds; the sweet, spicy, and salty
elements all work in conjunction to keep my fork moving.

Moules Marinieres and Fried Crispy Potatoes

Our server also advised us not to miss their famous Moules Marinieres, which consists
of the most delicious mussels, served on a bowl of white wine with shallots and fried
crispy potatoes to die for, one of the best mussels I’ve tasted in my entire life.

Second course is presented to us and again extraordinary, the Seabass served
with vegetables and some kind of souffle. The fresh herbs and aroma of this
dish immediately command my attention. The sweet of the veggies proves
to be a delicious contrast to the fresh, bold taste of the seabass, also
each fresh vegetable adds its own unique flavor to this dish.

Seabass served with Vegetables and Souffle

My guest’s choice for his entrée was the Entrecote aux Poivre, an impeccable grilled Rib Eye with pepper sauce and fried potatoes. Chef Razgallah’s innovation allows
him to coordinate his dishes to harmonize with local seasonal ingredients in
this particular dish. These delicious fresh seasonal touches are forced
into a close second to the tenderly grilled Rib Eye.

Entrecote aux Poivre, an impeccable Grilled Rib Eye

Our desserts are served next and we are delighted to find a Warm Chocolate cake. This chocolate –erupting kind like souflee is topped with vanilla bean gelato, and
is presented with a delicious strawberry. This dessert is just one more example
of how the Chef can utilize anything and everything to create a unique dish.
Also don’t miss the Apple Tarte Tatin with cream and fruits.

Warm Chocolate Cake                                Apple Tarte Tatin    

As we leave Saint Amour, we look back and notice that the ambiance has changed dramatically. The lights are turned low. The colors have somehow transformed from light and airy to deep and romantic. This change came so subtly and so naturally that we never noticed as we were pampered by the unbelievably attentive staff of Saint Amour. If there is anything to be learned from our experience at Saint Amour, it is
that nothing is set in stone. From the ambiance to the food, Saint Amour is continuously adjusting to anticipate the needs and desires of all customers.
Every effort is made to ensure guests at Saint Amour certainly
feel as though each meal is designed exclusively for them.

Our special thanks for the fabulous and charming French/Italian owner Florence Herve-Commereuc for offering us this exclusive and amazing dinner. Merci!

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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