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Bistro LQ Restaurant Review

Bistro LQ is a whimsical blend of rococo opulence and edgy modernity. The restaurant is a clever re-imagining of the traditional French brasserie with a
distinctly American and cheeky twist that create an atmosphere that is both
nostalgic homage and Alice-in-Wonderland fantasy. Bistro LQ Owner
and Executive Chef Laurent Quenioux’s menu reflects the restaurant’s
aesthetic, menu, his sense of creativity goes beyond imagination.

With the opening of Bistro LQ in July 2009, Laurent brings his edgy style and ingenuity to a larger, more central location in Los Angeles near West Hollywood.
With a bigger kitchen and more diverse dining area, he promises to stay ahead of
the curve and continue setting new standards for cuisine in Southern California
with a Farmer's Market-driven kitchen and an emphasis on value and fun.
Open for lunch and dinner, and boasting an impressive private wine cellar
room and an enticing patio, Bistro LQ hopes to satisfy every customer.


We enter Bistro LQ and I am greeted personally by Eric Bouty our host. He quickly leads me into the main dining room: a charming room so luminous and airy I wondered for a moment if Eric has led me right into the French countryside. As I situate myself into a beautifully intimate table in the corner of the restaurant. My guest and I glance over Bistro LQ’s extensive award-winning wine list, and are instantly impressed
by the selection. Although dominated by California and French wines, Bistro
LQ’s’ does offer selections from Australia and Italy. Bistro LQ’s
well-rounded wine selection aims to please anyone from the
amateur wine drinker to the persnickety wine connoisseur.

Bistro LQ’s dinner menu also offers a broad assortment of dishes: from escargots,
foie gras, rabbit, salmon, venison, mussels and crabs. For those looking
for a more carnivorous feast, Bistro LQ offers such choices as Duck
Leg Comfit, Lamb, Pigeon, Chicken, Steak and Veal.

Dungeness Crab

We decide on a light 2007 Michel Queniox Domaine De Veilloux Cheverny (Loire, FR) to pair with our first appetizers; Mussels and Dungeness Crab. The Mussels
were prepared with pearl barley risotto corn chowder style. The Dungeness
Crab was served with Fennel Apple Slaw with Tarragon. The aroma of the
Crab is immediately present as I lean forward to welcome the full fragrance.
It is fresh, lean and incredibly moist. The combination of crab, the sauce
is quite pleasing to my taste buds; the sweet, spicy, and salty elements
all work in conjunction to keep my fork moving.

Mussles                                                  Artichoke

   House Salad                                          Smoked Salmon

We tried the Artichoke; a quartered Artichokes served warm, Grecque Style,
truffles and goat cheese curd on a truffle dressing, very light and delicious!
Another light and delicious appetizer was the Smoked Salmon,
with red beet flan, and celery root remoulade.

North Sea Cod, Served 2 Ways

As far as our entrees, my choice was the North Sea Cod, served 2
ways; sautéed and served with sea Urchin Flan and Accras
style, it was very tasty and I truly enjoyed.

Hanger Steak served with Glazed Shallots, Chanterelle, and Sunchoke Puree

The star of the show is Bistro LQ’s Hanger Steak served with Glazed Shallots, Chanterelle, and Sunchoke Puree just. Executive Chef Laurent Quenioux’s
innovation allows him to coordinate his dishes to harmonize with local seasonal ingredients – in this particular dish these delicious fresh seasonal touches
are forced into a close second to the tenderly flavor of the meat.

Large Daily Selection of Fantastic Cheese

As we discuss our meals, our server brings a cheese plate that is highlighted by a European Bleu Cheese, so creamy and mouthwatering that I cannot look away.
Chef Quenioux works with Nicole, our fromager located in the heart of South Pasadena, to serve you the best cheese available. Together, they nurture and refine
the Bistro LQ Cheese Cart to the demanding standards of Chef Quenioux on a daily basis. Their daily selection is also based on the seasons. Cows, sheep and goats eat fresh grass in the summer and dry grass in the winter, so the quality of milk and
cheese fluctuates. Production also slows down during the spring when many of
these animals are having babies. Finally, Chef Quenioux is an advocate of
non-pasteurized cheese and, whenever possible, will serve these
products to his guests. The Bistro LQ Cheese Cart will be
presented with the condiments below with a daily selection
of 20-25 cheeses from France and around the world.

Our desserts are served next. We tried their famous 6 course dessert menu. I loved the Composition around dark chocolate Soufflé style, scheshaun peppercorn; Kaffir chocolate Mousse; Marshmallow with Chocolate Milk Fondant. Don’t miss their signature; "Baba au Rum", Creme Chiboust, Raisin Ice Cream with Rum. We loved their Quince and pear, minestrone with Mastic Powder, "Pear Samoussa"
Quince Ice Cream, delicious… These are memorable desserts.



If there is anything to be learned from our experience at Bistro LQ, it is that nothing is set in stone. From the ambiance to the food, Bistro LQ is continuously adjusting to anticipate the needs and desires of all customers. Chef Quenioux is constantly incorporating new ingredients and fresh ideas to ensure that each dining
experience is unique. Eric Bouty’s continuing presence in the dining area
ensures that a sense of quiet elegance is always preserved. Every
effort is made to ensure guests at Bistro LQ certainly feel as
though each meal is designed exclusively for them.


Special thanks to Eric Bouty, our Host at Bistro LQ
and to the Bistro LQ Owner/Executive Chef Laurent
Quenioux for his amazing hospitality and great dinner.

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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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