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Daniel Dinh: Beverly Hills' Lash Guru

Daniel Dinh, photographed with actress Tia Carrera, after a lash application at his salon.

Those mile-long, showstopping lashes adorning the eyes of countless celebrities, models, and socialites? They’re not just thanks to Latisse and Diorshow. Meet Daniel Dinh: Beverly Hills’ most sought-after lash guru.

With a star-studded client list including Angela Bassett, Joss Stone, Nicolette Sheridan, and Janice Dickinson (plus, off the record, many Oscar-winning actresses), Dinh inspires fervent devotion as much for his bespoke, individually applied lashes as for his gentle, soulful manner. “I love my clients,” he says. “I feel a deep sense of joy when my clients open their eyes and see their lashes after I have applied my eyelash extensions. They are so happy!”

Placing a high value on charitable contributions to disabled workers and employees in his native Vietnam, Dinh is also dedicated lash perfection, working away at his salon from seven a.m. until late at night. With the help of Priscilla Presley, who in late 2009 guided him through the laborious process of patenting, Daniel was awarded the first and only eyelash patent for his revolutionary multiple-layer application technique. His intricate method creates lashes that are simultaneously natural-looking and luscious. “I don’t want people to say, ‘Did you do something to your lashes?’” Daniel says. “I want them to say, ‘Wow! You look beautiful!’”

From top:Dinh with his employees, in Vietnam where the lashes are made; employees working at the Long Mi lashes factory.
Dinh moved to America in 1992 to study computer information systems in Minnesota—a world away from the glamour of Hollywood, but the career suited his meticulous nature. Beauty was a consistent passion, however, and after relocating to California, Dinh studied makeup in night classes on the side, then took a job at a salon applying lashes. In 2005, while working in Beverly Hills, Dinh was discovered by celebrity brow guru Anastasia Soare, who spread word among her clients of his unique talent. “I am so humbled,” Dinh says of Soare’s endorsement. “I consider it a very high compliment that Anastasia, another artist, loves my lashes and feels confident to recommend her own clients to me.”
In 2009, Dinh opened his own Beverly Hills salon, Longmi Lashes by Dinh (long mi & means “eyelashes” in Vietnamese) and has gained an “in-the-know,” cultish following. Stacey Gottsch, a devoted client from Nebraska who flies in once every eight weeks for her appointments with Dinh, says, “Whatever Daniel charges, I’d pay double—he’s my guru! I’ve been to a lot of people—at least 10 other technicians—and I adore him. He’s such a kind person, and so talented. I don’t think you could train another Daniel.”

Each session takes approximately one and a half hours, and because the lashes are affixed to your own real lashes, they will fall off over the course of six weeks as your own lashes shed. Any worries about the effect on natural lashes is assuaged by Dinh: “I feel a sense of responsibility towards my clients and I care about my clients and their lashes as if they were my own lashes,” he says. “My patented technique helps protect my clients’ lashes.”

Indeed, the idea of Dinh hurting anything is unfathomable. Mindful of the lack of social welfare in Vietnam, he makes it a priority to employ, feed, and house 60 employees back home who manufacture his synthetic lashes and custom glue. “I came to America with nothing,” Dinh says. “I couldn’t even speak English. I received a lot of help from others to get where I am today, and that is why I feel strongly about giving back.”

Top, a client before Dinh”s lashes were applied. Bottom, after.
“I love being charitable; it’s my hobby,” Dinh says. “Some people’s hobby is traveling or shopping, but my hobby is charity.” And it’s easily to believe that. Says Stacey Gottsch, “Daniel is such a good person and has achieved such success. He’s literally the American Dream.” Looking ahead to 2010 and beyond, Dinh plans to donate 20 percent of money received through his patent and his lash courses to his charitable initiatives back in Vietnam. He is also moving his lashes and glue to the retail market.

A session with Dinh costs $250 for a full set of Longmi Lashes and $90–$150 for each touch-up.

Longmi Lashes by Daniel is located at 441 N. Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills, California. (310-962-2442).

For appointments, visit his Web site at or e-mail

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