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FusionStorm Foundation Announces 1st Annual Fundraiser
“My Ocean Planet” to Benefit Project Kaisei

April 28, 2010 – On June 5, 2010, prominent guests, celebrities, and earth conscious
citizens will show their support for the ocean’s health by converging on Malibu for
FusionStorm Foundation’s 1st annual fundraiser “My Ocean Planet”. The fundraiser
will benefit Ocean Voyages Institute/Project Kaisei and its charge to clean up the
North Pacific Gyre, also commonly known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The event, partnered with Kitson Malibu, will be hosted in the upscale Malibu Lumber
Yard, a beautiful, sustainably designed open-air center with surrounding views of the
Pacific Ocean and the rolling Malibu hills. Guests will be treated to live musical
performances, interactive entertainment, a premium open bar, a VIP lounge,
a celebrity red carpet, a live auction, and a high-end raffle featuring two
grand prizes of 7-day dream vacations to Galapagos Islands and
French Polynesian Islands for four people aboard luxury yachts.

The mission of Project Kaisei (Japanese for “Ocean Planet”) is to understand and
address the current state of marine debris accumulating in the ocean, undertake
efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to clean up the North Pacific Gyre,
and to implement land-based programs that will prevent plastics from
entering the marine ecosystem in the first place.

On their first expedition in August 2009, two research ships sailed to the North Pacific
Gyre and found alarming amounts of plastics in all of their analysis samples. Project
Kaisei will set sail on their second expedition in the summer of 2010 to further analyze
the extent of the plastic pollution and to begin their clean-up solution: they will collect
the plastic trash and bring it back to shore for recycling into useable goods.

The North Pacific Gyre, which has become the poster child for man-made
pollution, is the world’s largest ecosystem and the world’s largest trash dump.
Plastics, chemical sludge, and other non-biodegradable debris continue to accumulate
at this convergence point so that now, researchers estimate the plastic population to
cover thousands of square miles of open ocean. The problem is that plastic never
goes away; it is forever. When exposed to UV rays and heat, plastic breaks
down into smaller pieces which threaten our ecosystem and possibly enter
our food web when animals accidentally ingest them – with some
animals ultimately dying from the exposure.

Established in November 2009 by FusionStorm’s CEO John Varel, FusionStorm
Foundation focuses its efforts on causes that affect the planet and impact our daily lives. FusionStorm Foundation has chosen to work exclusively with Project
Kaisei and is committed to raising awareness for the clean ocean initiative
and to raise funds to support Project Kaisei’s second expedition.

For additional information on FusionStorm Foundation,
please visit:

“My Ocean Planet” hours from 6:30 pm –11:00 pm

Press check-in begins at 5:00 pm

For celebrity guest list, press & media consideration,
please contact Steven Yamin at Conscience Entertainment Group

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