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Australian American Leadership Dialogue Dinner

When :
Friday 20th January


Venue :
Park Hyatt, Los Angeles ( Century City )

Description :
On the evening of the 20th January, Australia Week 2006 together with the Australian American Leadership Dialogue ( AALD ) will host the 'Leadership Dialogue Conversation' dinner featuring the Hon. Bob Carr and Mr Charlie Cook.

Mr Carr is the recently retired and longest serving Premier in the history of New South Wales. Mr Carr is a long standing member of the Leadership Dialogue, and has accepted the invitation to become our inaugural Leadership Dialogue Scholar. Charlie Cook, author of the Cook Political Report, is another long standing member of the AALD and he will be travelling from Washington DC to participate in the event.

The Australian American Dialogue (AALD) is a private diplomatic initiative focused on the utility of the bilateral relationship between the United States and Australia.

Audience :
 This private dinner will number up to 60 prominent Australians and Americans
from the business, foreign policy and media sectors.

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