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With some of the best views and location in Hollywood, Club Sushi offers Asian-infused contemporary cuisine and a traditional Japanese menu with an outstanding Sushi bar in a casually-elegant setting. Located at the landmark Cinerama Dome
Arch Light Center on the corner of Sunset. & Vine. Club sushi Hollywood, is beautifully designed with a modern, urban interior, open architectural style, and
the highest quality audio and video systems throughout. They also offer a
private VIP room, outdoor patio seating, a full bar and a second-story
mezzanine area in addition to their expansive main dining room.

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Club Sushi Hollywood                                         Bar Area         

The Club atmosphere is fantastic and the place is truly amazing, the food was simply out of this world. One of the most satisfying things a savvy diner can do is discover
a phenomenal restaurant in the midst of a wonderful location. Club Sushi is an outstanding find. Yet a surprisingly full parking lot is a tip off to the satisfaction
that awaits inside. I have also the pleasure of meeting the successful and friendly
CEO Gregory Alan who developed the Club Sushi concept in 1994 and opened
the first Club Sushi in 1996 in Hermosa Beach. Club Sushi as he explained to
us, is all about seafood. The restaurant proudly features the highest quality
and freshest fish available, ways prepared to perfection.

   Susi bar                                                Private Rooms

Club Sushi’s interior defies its surroundings. The space is cool and minimalist-modern, with 2 incredible bars; the space is truly huge, great for large parties and events. Guests have their choice of three dining spaces: a formal dining room, a casual
outdoor patio, or an energetic sushi bar with adjacent table seating. The space fills quickly over the course of an evening the sushi bar becomes a flurry of activity,
while the dining room becomes peppered with couples enjoying a delicious
meal. The outdoor patio is a rare treat for a sushi restaurant, and is an ideal
space for larger groups and when booked ahead it can accommodate
big parties. The diversity of the seating options makes the
restaurant well-suited to a variety of occasions.

   Kiwi Saketini                                     Pomegranate Mojito

We opt for a very comfortable booth. The menu is extensive and accessible, with over
30 specialty rolls as well as a more traditional selection of sashimi, nigiri, and maki. In
addition to the regular menu, which also includes hot appetizers, noodle dishes, and
bento box entrees, a selection of specials can also be found and ordered.

Ginga Kogen Beer                                Cadillac Margarita

All of the sushi rolls are the creation of Chef Johnny Miccio; “They're common ingredients," he explains, "it’s just how you put them together." Chef Miccio is a
master at creative concoctions. Rolls such as the Dynamite roll offer stunning
visual presentations, put together with the ultimate craft and care. We opt to
sample a variety of the most popular special rolls on the menu, as well as
first dishes, salads, and entrees, it was all superb, and the food
was simply divine, and beyond our expectations.

Miso Soup

Popcorn Lobster Roll                                  Firecracker Roll      

The Popcorn Lobster Roll is the house signature, a decadent combination of California roll topped with tempura langostino, on a sweet sauce. It sounds like a mouthful,
and it is, and a delicious one to boot. The roll is a burst of flavor, and we
are instantly hooked, the freshness of it mingles with the creamy
sauce, while the lobster and the sauce lend a lingering decadence.

Rainbow Roll                                Club Sushi Roll

Our next roll, is the Firecracker roll, is a favorite among heat-lovers. Spicy fish, jalapeno, chili, salsa matador (habanera), cucumber, avocado, kaiware, spicy mauo, rice out. The roll is stunning and vibrant, awash with playful tones from the fish and
red sauce. The innocent appearance belies the flavor that waits, a burst of fresh
fish followed quickly by several layers of spiciness. The intoxicating flavor lingers
long after the piece is swallowed, tingling the tong, enticing us back for more
. Tenacious slivers of jalapeño are responsible for a good kick of the heat.

Box Sushi Special

After this amazing roll, the Club Sushi roll offers a welcome creaminess. Shrimp tempura wrapped with eel and smelt roe, on a sweet sauce. Our anticipation
heightens as we watch the dish being prepared, eagerly watching the chef
effortlessly and evenly torches the roll. The result is sublime, the dish is
handed to us, and we relish the warmth while at the same time savoring
the creaminess. Who knew sushi could be so decadent?

Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura

Our faces must have displayed our pleasure, because our server soon insists we try
an outstanding variety of their most amazing dishes.  "You have to try everything"
they told us, and they were not kidding. A plate called a Box Sushi special
arrives with a variety of delicious rolls. A smile and nod is all that's
needed to acknowledge this is some of the best fishes around.

Soft Shell Crab Tempura                              Shrimp Trio Salad     

We are eager to press on, and while we are tempted by the sushi that is being prepared in front of us, we decide to test the non-sushi portion of the menu. A selection of first dishes start arriving; the Shrimp Tempura served with tempura
sauce, the Soft Shell Crab Tempura was also do die for, served with spicy ranch
and chili sauce. An amazing salad to not miss is the Shrimp Trio salad, served
with the shrimp cooked in three different ways, sided with spicy mayo.  It
was truly an amazing way to enjoy such a delicious and light salad.

12 oz. Center Cut Rib Eye Steak

Also among the entrees, the Chef wanted us to try their signature Rib Eye, a 12 oz.
Center Rib Eye steak grilled to your liking. Served with sautéed vegetables and your
choice of garlic mashed potatoes, potatoes gratin or honey yams. Another sensational
creation and a delicious dish for meat lovers. Also the Pork Chop was fabulous, a 14
oz. of White Marble Farms center cut pork chop grilled then finished in the oven.
Served with grilled asparagus, potatoes gratin and drizzled with a hoi-sin glaze.

14 oz. White Marble Farms Center Cut Pork Chop

Tempting dishes include the most delicious Sea Bass you can even eat. This was truly amazing, a 10 oz. fresh Chilean sea bass filet lightly grilled then finished in the oven
with white wine and butter. Served with steamed rice and sautéed vegetables.
Topped with this delicious Raspberry sauce, this was truly spectacular.

10 oz. Fresh Chilean Sea Bass Filet

Do not miss the desserts. The Club Sushi Paradise Dessert consist of
Banana Tempura accompanied by a brownie with 2 scoops of
ice cream, chocolate fudge and strawberries.

      Sticky Toffee Pudding                        Banana Tempura and Brownies

The Sticky Toffee Pudding, another amazing and delicious
dessert that you can only find at Club Sushi.

I feel as if we could stay all evening, simply watching the entire sushi team spin together these endless creations. The room is bustling, and the activity behind the
sushi bar is more so, both pairs of hands work deftly and gracefully, pausing only
to dip their fingertips in a nearby bowl of water or call back into the kitchen for
a piece of tempura. But alas, our empty plates are cleared and there are
guests waiting for a spot at the near-full bar. As we walk out the
double doors I look back longingly, already eager to return.

Exec. Chef Johnny Miccio with CEO Gregory Alan (Left)
Chefs Darren Victorian, Jake Takao, Johnny Miccio and John Skarapoulos (Right)

Whether you are just introducing yourself to sushi, looking to try more
adventurous items, or simply want to order reliable favorites,
Club Sushi is a place to return to again and again.

The success of the Club Sushi concept is a team effort with management and
employees alike sharing a common goal to provide the highest level of customer
satisfaction in an environment that is both impeccably clean and extremely upbeat.

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