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Locanda Veneta Restaurant Review

Locanda Veneta, one of the most spectacular and finest Italian restaurants in Los Angeles! It offers the finest in Northern Italian Continental Cuisine, and is conveniently located across from the Beverly Center. As you walk into Locanda Veneta, a typical scene from the streets of Venice, Italy comes alive. From the olive oil aroma to the happy customers talking, you feel like you are dining at the Piazza San Marco!

The dining room is not big and not too fancy, but a very warm atmosphere reigns in this place, the kitchen is dead serious, making this restaurant a special place for knowledgeable food connoisseur.

They prepare a wide selection of fresh fish, breads, the best pastas and desserts, and they are all homemade, including their special rendition of the classic Tiramisu dessert. Signature dishes include pasta-and-bean soup, veal chops, lobster ravioli, shrimp risotto, and perfectly grilled vegetables.

I was extremely satisfied with the impeccable service and class. Locanda Veneta does not have a full bar, and the wine list is mainly composed of Italian and California wines, with a nice selection of organic wines from both origins.


My dining experience at Locanda Veneta was memorable and I certainly look forward to returning with all my family and friends. The menu was extensive and we had the pleasure of meeting the owner Jean-Louis De Mori's and the so charming Italian Dennis Boaro, which guided us in our special dinner and even mentioned that there was so much too choose from, so Dennis kindly guided us suggesting what we should try. For dinner and we were extremely pleased and I am about to describe our golden experience at Locanda Veneta:

First we had a delicious tomato salad with Mozzarella di bufala estiva, the flavor was great, because they added the best olive oil and the modena vinegar! 


Next we had the delicious Locanda Antipasto plate for 2, which was a combination
of aged Pecorino Romano, Parmiggiano Reggiano, Humboldt Fog, aged goat cheese, slice of Italian San Daniele Prosciutto from “Friuli Venezia Giulia”, roasted bell peppers marinated with fresh herbs, combination of 8 different types of black and green olives. This great appetizer was served with three different special jams: fresh hand cut pears with balsamic vinegar of Modena 12 years aged, and Vincotto which gives such a wonderful aroma to any salad, with a spicy fig and Chianti red wine jelly.

Then, we were truly looking forward to trying their most famous home made pasta. We had a sampler of the Risotto di funghi porcini, which was truly unforgettable; the Caranoli rice with spinach, fresh herbs and porcini mushrooms, and the taste of Risotto dish was simply the best one I’ve ever had in my life!

 Next we were presented with their special homemade gnocchi di patate alla boscaiola; they are homemade light potato dumplings in a braised onion and fresh tomato sauce with mushrooms which I recommend to trying. Finally the Spaghetti with roasted garlic tomatoes, lentils and spinach, which was very delicious as well. But we are not done yet. Our final course was their Gamberoni dish and their pesci freschi del giorno; special fish of the day was Il Branzino, served without bones with vegetables, delicious white meat, that resembles the halibut; both were to die for!
The Gamberoni dish was unbelievable, the greatest and largest most succulent and tasty prawns, accompanied with spinach and golden oven potatoes, simply the best praws and the amount was enough to share this excellent dish.

The dessert was a sampling of three of their silky custards topped with caramel and chocolate, crème brulee and panacotta.  Also great,  is a large variety of other desserts which we at that point, could only eat them with our eyes, because there was just no more space left for anything else! I can’t really describe what great dinner we had, and the charming Dennis who guided us on every dish, it was such a spectacular night, which we look forward to again!

There are more signature dishes which include pasta-and-bean soup, veal chops, lobster ravioli, shrimp risotto, and perfectly grilled vegetables, we will certainly go back to try what we missed! I found the evening to be extremely enjoyable. The atmosphere seemed to be one of a huge family reunion, the food was divine and their service absolutely delightful. This is a restaurant not to be missed.
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Article by: Mary Adams
Photos by: Chris Marx

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