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“Catalina Island is your affordable Avalon getaway”

It is easy to get caught up in the everyday rat race of work and daily life. If you are tired of the city, traffic, freeways, smog and want to getaway and relax from the routine, we Angelinos have the perfect place right in our back yard. Catalina
Island is the perfect place to go and enjoy the amazing beach town. It
offers relaxation, fun, and romance, all at an affordable price.


Let’s start with getting to the city of Avalon which is located 22 miles off the
coast of Southern California. The Catalina Express is one of the best ways to
get there since they have been taking people to the Island for over thirty years.
They have a complete line of catamarans and mono-hull ships that get you to
Avalon in just over an hour. They operate seven days a week and they are at
this time still offering a free round trip ride on your birthday to celebrate
their 30 year anniversary. The Catalina Express has ferried over 22 million
people passengers to and from Catalina. Catalina Express departs from
Long Beach, San Pedro, and Dana Point. For boat reservations please
call (800) 429-4601 or book online at


Now that you are in Avalon you will need a place to stay. There are several
options for places to stay but if you are like me and tired of high price hotels
that don’t have much to offer there is another option. Renting a house or
condo can not only be much more luxurious but can even be a great savings
especially if you are traveling with the family or another couple. Catalina
Island Vacation Rentals
has just what you are looking for. To read more
about the house we stayed at and get more details on Catalina
Island Vacation Rentals
please click here.


There are lots of great attractions on the Island as well. The Dolphin Quest tour
is a wonderful way to see the coast of the island, dolphins, eagles and sea lions. I
have never seen so many dolphins in my life. The dolphins actually swim with
the boat and ride the wake. You will also see lots of sea lions basking along
the coast. I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys marine life.
This was an excellent experience that we highly recommend. It is
definitely one of the most memorable tours you will encounter.
For more information please visit


If you are interested in seeing the world famous casino building and learning
about its history the “Behind the Scenes Casino Tour” is the one to choose.
It is only a few dollars more and includes many places that you won’t see
on the “Discover the Casino Tour”. The casino opened in 1929 and is
not actually a casino at all. The word Casino is actually an Italian word
meaning place of entertainment and gathering. Today the ballroom
is still the site of special events all year round. For more information
please visit


The ticket for the “Behind the Scenes Casino Tour” also gets you free admission
into the Catalina Island Museum located at the Casino building. There you will
find an outstanding collection of archaeological material excavated on the
Island as well as Native American artifacts, historic photographs,
fishing tackle, and Catalina pottery. For more information
please visit


There is also a fantastic new tour called “Downtown Avalon Tasting
and Cultural Walking Tour”. Here you will stroll through downtown
Avalon like a local, and savor the flavors that Catalina Island offers. This
is a three hour tasting and cultural walking tour that will open your eyes
to hidden tidbits of the Islands rich history and culture. You will also satisfy
your appetite of the town’s award winning cuisines as you indulge your
palate for a few hours of sipping, sampling, and savoring. For more
information on this tour please visit


You also won’t want to miss the Botanical Gardens and Wrigley Memorial.
Leisurely stroll this serene gardener’s paradise which is home to the desert
and native plants found only on the Channel Islands. The Wrigley memorial
is dedicated to the memory of Wm. Wrigley Jr. is also a site to see which
was completed in 1934. The structure stands 232 feet wide, 180 feet
deep, and 130 feet high from the bottom of its circular stairway to
the top of its main 80 foot tower. For more information
please visit


There are so many other tours and adventures that are available on Catalina
Island that we could not possible cover them all here. The island is also
surrounded by some of the most pristine waters in the world. Diving and
snorkeling is a must, but if you don’t want to get wet there are other
ways to experience the underwater world such as the glass
bottom boat and submarine tours.


So next time you are thinking about an affordable place that is right
in your back yard, don’t hesitate to pack your bags and head
off to Avalon for a fun in the sun adventure.

Article By: Johany Lacayo and Chris Marx
Photos By: Chris Marx

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