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The President of the World Peace Committee Dr. Djuyoto Suntani
Announces the Appointment of Maria Amor as
Head Representative in California, USA of
The World Peace Committee

Los Angeles, California, 26 July 2013 - Founder and President of We Care for Humanity, USA, Ms. Maria Amor accepts appointment as Head Representative in California, USA of The World Peace Committee.

As the World Peace Head of Representative in California, USA, Ms. Maria Amor will represent the interest the World Peace Committee which is connected with the Government and other lnstitutions which are linked with the peace program in order to promote Polite World, Peace, Humanity and Brotherhood.

“By far, this has been the highlight and milestone in my career as humanitarian and a public servant. As the new Head of World Peace Representatives in California in global stage, a task that I will do on a global capacity, I am deeply honored and excited for our organization, the We Care for Humanity. As stated in our mission and vision, world peace is not really impossible, because we know we can all help. I am thankful that The World Peace provides me another platform to spouse our vision caring for humanity,” Ms. Amor said during her acceptance of the position from The World Peace Committee.

Ms. Amor will also raise awareness on Peace initiatives of the World Peace Committee with an emphasis on serving causes of children, women and humanity. Ms. Amor has previously been involved in charity and humanitarian events and fundraising. Ms. Amor is the founder of We Care for Humanity, a non-profit organization and has led various efforts in advancing education, health and wellness of individuals.

Through her achievements in the world of education, health and wellness, Ms. Amor is a role model for many young people and her engagement with various philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors will help carry out messages of peace and humanity.

“I am proud to have Ms. Maria Amor on board as Head Representative in California, USA,” said Dr. Dyujoto Suntani, The World Peace Committee President. “Through her dedication and eagerness to make a difference, I know she will be a strong advocate and representative of peace and humanity. Ms. Amor’s expertise and commitment will inspire young people and the philanthropic community to be more aware and supportive of peace and humanity.”

“Peace and Humanity exist side by side and they are everyone’s business. Humanitarian efforts through education, health and wellness can help break social barriers to promote peace initiatives.” added Ms. Amor. “In my new role as The World Peace Committee California Representative, I will help promote peace and humanity by engaging the young people, private individuals, government agencies and volunteers to take actions against hunger, malnutrition and under education.”

The World Peace Committee (, a global organization with 202 countries members is responsible for the placement of the Gong for World Peace at various places around the world. Furthermore, the Gong for World Peace represented by powerful dignitaries and high ranking government officials worldwide who are concerned with prevailing peace and order. On the other hand, founded in 2011, We Care for Humanity ( is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that works to improve international relations between and among nations through the promotion of education, health, wellness through language, culture and the arts. We Care for Humanity provides free educational programs to those who are underprivileged through education, health and peace initiatives.

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