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Fadia Creations’ United States Launch Filled
Celebrity Praise and Contributions for a
Safe World

March 10, 2006 (Los Angeles, CA) – Parisian jewelry designer Fadia Otte’s United States launch, over Oscar weekend, proved to be a huge success for Fadia Creations and the launch of her new design, the SAFE WORLD PEACE necklace.

Fadia Creations’ U.S. launch kicked off March 3, 2006 at the 2nd Annual “Make the Discovery, Million Dollar” celebrity retreat, in honor of the Academy Awards. International celebrities Ludacris, Shaun Toub (“Farhad” in the Academy Award® winning feature film CRASH), Rachel Grant (British actress, featured “Bond Girl” in James Bond 007 DIE ANOTHER DAY) and actress Anna Wilding were all on hand, in awe of Fadia Creations’ unique designs and the new

Fadia Creations’ designs are already well established with the highest quality clientele including the Bvlgary family, the Rockefeller family and the Niarcos family. Through the United States launch, which began in Los Angeles, Fadia Creations designs are now household names to A-list celebrities and Hollywood tastemakers.

Fadia Creations’ U.S. launch continued through the evening of March 3, with Ms. Otte’s extravagant dinner at Los Angeles’ renowned L’Orangerie. The dinner was held for 40 very special guests who were invited specifically to celebrate the launch of the SAFE WORLD PEACE necklace. VIP dinner guests included Laurent Morlet, Consulate General of France in Los Angeles, Pentti Kouri, the entrepreneur who created the NOKIA empire, Getty Museum representatives and reporters from international fashion magazines.

Fadia Otte is a passionate humanist who has an innate attachment to the concept of tolerance and respect. The necklace is designed so that the words SAFE WORLD PEACE surround three religious symbols, leaving no doubt as to what message she is trying to convey. Fadia has had this project in mind for nearly a decade, right from the time she began designing jewelry. She finally made this vision a reality after a July 2005 visit to Lebanon, the country in which she was born, when she narrowly escaped a bomb attack.

' The SAFE WORLD PEACE necklace is mass produced and made of white or yellow gold. The sleek, simple design compliments many fashion styles, as a true classic item would. By purchasing the SAFE WORLD PEACE necklace, a percentage of the proceeds are donated to many charities around the world; 1/3 to Christian organizations, 1/3 to Jewish and 1/3 to Muslim. Currently, Ms. Otte is working with France’s La Chaine des Amis (a chain of friends) to fund the purchase of new mattresses for more than sixty poverty stricken elderly people in hospital care who otherwise sleep on rotten mattresses or on the floor.  Fadia believes that today, the design may be avant-garde, almost utopian, but tomorrow, the SAFE WORLD PEACE necklace will become a well-known attribute, an emblem of the 21st Century. Fadia feels it is urgent that, for the future of the planet, this essential “piece for peace” be widely circulated in the hopes that there are enough people around the world who will join Fadia in her quest for a peaceful, safe world.

For more information on Fadia Creations and the SAFE WORLD PEACE necklace, please visit Fadia Creations official website or contact Erin Calhoun-Dulaney or Heather Taylor of Alliance Worldwide Communications 818.990.3378 or

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