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Border Grill, Santa Monica Restaurant Review

Covering the bottom third of North America and made up of thirty-one states and one very large capital, Mexico is probably the best neighbor a food-lover could have, when you consider the natural bounty of this rich and varied country.  Now, when we talk about Mexican restaurants, then you have to discover:
Border Grill in Santa Monica.
 Margarita & Trio of Salsas                               Front Bar Area        

We loved this restaurant, Great Mexican food, and awesome salsa! Fast, friendly service, in casual atmosphere and the most important, reasonable prices!
Service was fast and friendly, they let us talk without interruption: A fair compromise would be to have appetizers at the bar along with that their signature Margaritas and or their Premier Mojitos made with Zaya Gran Reserva rum muddled with mint, lime, and sugar cane, so good that I could have drinked them all night long!    
Premium Mojito                                         Mojito Ocho 

We also tried the Mojito Ocho with aged Bacardi 8,  muddled with
fresh mint, lime, and sugar cane. They have the best Margaritas and the best
Mojitos, and an incredible selection of wines.  Nice surprise: a thorough
selection of wines by the glass and very reasonably priced.
You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.
These variety of Bocaditos (little bites) are indeed the most
delicious  Bocaditos to warm your appetite.

 Empanadas, Lamb and Carnitas Tacos, Corn Tamales
We start with their special Crab Tamale, served with tomato sauce and celery remulade simply phenomenal, I would say the best one I have ever eaten in my entire life, then the Border Classics, 2 green corn tamales, home made empanadas, they were delicious chile cheese tamale with tomatillo salsa and Guatemalan chicken tamale with achiote sauce, can not say which one I loved the most. Then we had a succulent selection of Ceviches; the Rock Shrimp marinated in lime, cilantro and jalapeno, the Scallop Ceviche; jumbo scallops marinated in lime, cilantro and jalapeno, yes! Truly hot and spicy and delicious, and the Peruvian Ceviche, this one is served hot in a limejuice, these are truly a can’t miss, you must have it. We also tried the Sea bass Amarillo Ceviche served with yellow chiles, ginger, lime, red onion and tomato.
Another flavor sensation are the Roasted Lamb Tacos these were absolutely perfect and deliciously spicy also we recommend you consider their Carnitas Nortenas a slowly braised pork with Serrano chiles, red onion, and cilantro served with citrus slaw, salsa fresca, guacamole, and handmade corn tortillas.

Trio of Salsas and Chips                             Pear and Endive Salad    
The salad we choose was the Grilled Pear and Endive Salad, a delicious salad, with pickled jalapenos, blue cheese, delicious spiced pistachios, which gave this a very unique taste to the salad on a chipotle honey vinaigrette, this is a truly treat and what I could call, a meal for those who were not so hungry like us! This salad is superb and has a unique taste, and it is very large as well.

Special Crab Tamale
With creative marvelous seafood choices and meat choices abound, there’s
clearly a trained Executive Chef Chandon Clenard in the kitchen, I will just
say one word: He is a great new chef with a magic talent for creating
the most amazing Mexican food in town!
Shrimp, Scallop, Peruvian Ceviche 
He was not only gifted by his talent, but he took his time to talk
to us and to explain each of his specials of the night and
gave us suggestions of what we should not miss.
Skirt Steak
There were a variety of Platos Especiales / Special Plates; and we were told not to miss the Grilled Skirt Steak, which was such a tender meat, marinated in garlic, cilantro, cumin and lime, served with charred corn relish, Persian cucumber and sweet pepper salad, along with black bean and hand made flour tortilla. 
Sea Bass
I also tasted the special of the night, the Sea Bass, a great choice for this delicious and light fish served on a very esquisite and delicious mushroom sauce, and very picante to your palate!

We also tried the Sautéed Rock Shrimp grilled; a delicious with toasted ancho chiles, slivered garlic, parsley and lime served with braised green and rice often a difficult act to perfect, but this one is incomparable!
Sautéed Rock Shrimp
Tame your sweet tooth with their lovely selections of desserts, we choose the Mexican Chocolate Cream Pie; a meringue crust lined with sliced almonds and filled with whipped chocolate mousse, and the Pastel Rufina; layers of puff pastry, sweetened cream cheese, chocolate chunks, and fresh berries.
Pastel Rufina and Chocolate Cream Pie
Wonderful food and attentive service and unbeatable people watching in an imaginative setting, with a great bar area, where it was very happening, full of great looking people.

This is an incredible Mexican Restaurant that will make you addictive of their drinks and food! We will definitely be going back!"
Chef Chandon Clenard                                  Brian Strasburger     
Our special thank you to Brian Strasburger the general manager,
and our thank you to the wonderful Chef Chandon Clenard who made
this a very special night, also thanks to our waitress Bryan and to the entire team
that made our dinner at Border Grill truly unforgettable.
For map and location click Here!

For more information please visit their website at

Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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