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Jer-Ne Restaurant and Bar Review

Located at the magnificent Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina Del Rey, CA. If I asked what to expect of Jer-ne, I’d say set your highest expectations then double them…It was the most intimate, enjoyable and effortless culinary experience! Everyone was so friendly that by the end of the night we felt as if they were all part of the family. The Chef Dakota Weiss, was the most amazing, talented, kind, and gorgeous chef we’ve ever met. The Jer-ne team creates the perfect atmosphere for any dinner event,
it can’t be explained, it must be experienced.

Long Island Ice Tea                               Chef Dakota Weiss

The bar at Jer-ne is magnificent and so cozy that you can even have your meal there. The service is impeccable and the décor very romantic, it makes you feel like you do not want the night to end.

Friendly Bar Staff                                      Mojito Cocktail 

When you think about dining at a restaurant located inside a Hotel, sometimes we may think that the restaurant is only meant to be for their guests, well this time you are wrong. Jer-Ne is the most friendly, cozy, beautiful, elegant and enjoyable restaurant
by the Marina where the service is absolutely impeccable and the food is splendid,
not to mentioned that you are facing the most amazing view surrounded by such an elegant atmosphere, but again, at the same time, a friendly ambience that makes you feel warm and at home.

We started our “journey” with the most spectacular selection of appetizers that I will try to describe, because we not only took amazing photos, but we had the opportunity to taste these delicious and unusual starters that it is not possible to completely describe them and even puctures don't do them justice, you have to go there and try for yourself, it is an experience not to be missed.

First we were served the most amazing warm, crispy and crunchy breads with a unique bean sauce, very unusual and so good, that you could almost eat just the
bread with your drink.


The menu is a temptation to your eyes, you just feel like you want to try every single dish… We started with this amazing Bento Box, which is a five inspired appetizers served in a traditional Japanese bento box. All Bentos come with a soup Inspiration, seafood such as shrimps and scallops, a mini delicious salad and very tasty sauces. Such a light and fresh start! You could also share it, if you are not so hungry.

Bento Box

Then the amazing chef Dakota Weiss, sent us some surprising appetizers and among them we had the Maine Lobster and Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich, a succulent maine lobster and brie thai basil, roasted red peppers and a garlic aioli sauce that was simply delicious, this is what I call a classic appetizer that will please any lobster lover!

Lobster and Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Sizzling Wasabi Shrimp, this is such a unique way to serve this appetizer, it is transformed from simple shrimps to a very sophisticated way of eating like I never had it before; six large shrimps covered in mishima’s wasabi furikake and wasabi oil seared on a Hot Rock. What a gorgeous way to serve, our entire table was very excited about this dish… Take a look a the picture, what you think?

Sizzling Wasabi Shrimp

We loved so much, that we also ordered the Chicken Yakitori and the Filet Satay, both served in five skewers of glazed grilled chicken and scallion and the curried Malayan beef on a live charcoal grill, again, simply delicious and the presentation was Spectacular, check it out!

 Chicken Yakitori                                          Filet Satay       

We also tasted a nice cold salad, a Holland White Asparagus; a poached white asparagus with kumquat compote, smoked prosciutto and aged balsamic, a true refreshing and light way to start your meal.

Per our request, our waitress was kind enough to bring us a sample of their
Clam Chowder soup which was not typically part of the dinner menu, only
served at lunch time but we wanted to try it, and we did not feel regret, it
was so delicious with smoked bacon and very, very tender, one of the best
chowders we tried in a long time.

Holland White Asparagus                               Clam Chowder        

The dinner was what I call a dream that came true, and again, I can’t say how much I enjoyed the Chef Dakota Weiss, she is a goddess in the kitchen and the most amazing talented chef I ever met.

She sent us the most delicious and unique entrees, everything was so perfect that I just did not want my dinner to end, we had such a great time. First we tried the Loup de Mer, a French sea bass braised in sake with heart of palm, young ginger and spring garlic, this was such a refreshing dish, with a beautiful presentation.   This dish can easily be shared, it was a large filet of sea bass, truly tasty and deliciously prepared.

Loup de Mer (French sea bass)

Our photographers ordered the famous Peking Duck, and they said: the best of their culinary experience! The duck is described as an air dried pecking duck on chow fun noodles, gobo root, peanuts and a large duck egg on top of the dish. They were licking their fingers, do I need to say more?

Famous Peking Duck

We also got three surprise appetizers from the chef.  She sent us the Roasted Scottish Chicken dish, a very tender piece of chicken, it feels like a true homemade meal, very tender and very good.  The Sonoma Artisan Foie Gras. a seared Artisan Sonoma foie gras with rhubarb compote and crystallized ginger, this is a very delicious hot appetizer for Foie Gras lovers, very tasty and I loved the presentation.

Roasted Scottish Chicken                              Artisan Foie Gras      

The chef also sent out the Chilled Smoked Salmon,   what a superb choice for a cold starter, the smoked salmon steak with edamame, candied yuzu and a sweet soy glaze, you gotta to try that one!

Chilled Smoked Salmon                                                             

Then we had 3 surprising and delicious desserts that you can’t miss it either; Jer-ne famous Mini-Cones, everyone was having this one, a house-made ice creamsand sorbets served in mini-cones, very good!

Jer-ne famous Mini-Cones

Then we had a selection of Crème Brulee, they were presented in five different
flavors baked in sake cups with caramelized sugar, was it good? Yes, it was
the best ones we ever had.

A Selection of Crème Brulee

 And finally, this one took all of us to heaven: The Chocolate Fondue, a warm swiss chocolate fondue with exotic fresh fruits and cake… I am simply speechless, Jer-Ne is a restaurant where they certainly meet all the standards to qualify and be among the top of the top restaurants in Los Angeles.

Chocolate Fondue

Special thank you to Chef Dakota for being such a great and pleasant chef and for your wonderful dinner, that we will never forget!  I want to wish the best to you and to tell all my readers to try Jer-Ne, you will certainly not regret!
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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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