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Baleen Restaurant Review


Baleen restaurant Located inside Paradise Point Resort & Spa is
absolutely fabulous. The casually elegant setting and the food were
extraordinary, and the chef went beyond our expectations and prepared
the most amazing, and delicious dinner.


The décor is very romantic, with candles in each table and very cozy ambiance.
You can also view the kitchen while they are preparing your meal. They have a great bar as well, which has a large selection of wine; beer, martini, and you name it!


We started by having the most pleasant waiter, Rich who guided and helped us to choose between many choices. We started with a selections of what they consider the most popular appetizers and we did not feel regret, the choices were truly satisfying and rich in flavors, especially if you enjoy Seafood.

Monkey Bread                                        Lobster Bisque

While we were waiting for these appetizers, they served their traditional Monkey Bread, which I can easily say that it was the best freshly home-made bread you can get, served warm, very crispy and crunchy with parmesan cheese, you must try, it was to-die-for, and they served it with “EVOO”; extra virgin olive oil. Did I mention we ate it all?

Tuna Tataki, Lobster Martini, Crab Cakes, Scallops

The first appetizer was the “Rare” Tuna Tataki – seaweed served with a mushroom salad, the tuna was very tender and refreshing for a start, loved it! Then we had the Baleen’s Crab Cakes with a simply great avocado relish, these were unusual extra large crab cakes, enough for 3 or 4 people to share, very good and lots of crab, then the following was the Wood Roasted Scallops, with wasabi mash on Asian butter, simply delicious and satisfying. What a great choice, but the surprising one was the Lobster Martini! Wow… this is the one, with large pieces of lobster on a mashed potato and shaved truffles, not only a great presentation, but it was also the finest appetizer you can get, and to finish our appetizer selection we had the Lobster Bisque, great flavor, served with huge pieces of lobster on a crème fraiche, yes, I would ask for it again.

Australian Lobster tail

Are you ready for our main course? I hope you are, Chef Gustavo Trejel
 gently offered to give us his choices and made it easier for us by completing our
dining experience. He sent 3 main courses, and I can’t tell which one was our
favorite, because all of them surpassed our expectation, and they all were
exquisite and fabulous.

Spinach with Garlic                                      Coconut Rice    

If you love seafood, Baleen is the place, the Australian Lobster tail I had was divine, the lobster was large enough to be shared in two, the meat was sweet and tender, as every authentic Australian lobster, it could not be eaten without their side dishes, so I got tempted to try the Coconut Rice and the Spinach with Garlic and Lemon. The choice could not have been better; the rice was deliciously prepared with vegetables and coconut, the taste was sweet, perfect to go with our meal, and the spinach was very well done tasting light garlic, which I am crazy for, both were excellent choices as side dishes.

Roquefort Crusted Filet Mignon 

The second marvelous chef’s choice was the Roquefort Crusted Filet Mignon served with Mashed Potato on a red wine sauce. The filet was made to perfection, the meat was tender and cooked medium-rare, the taste was spectacular, and we both had it, even their junior size was enough for 2 people, and finally, we had the Herbed Chilean Sea bass with fennel-leek ragout on a carrot and butter sauce, this was a huge filet of fresh Sea bass, it tasted so fresh and light, that we enjoyed every piece of it.

Herbed Chilean Sea bass with fennel-leek ragout

Did we have room for desserts, not really, but again Chef Gustavo proved that his guests are treated like kings, and we got the privilege to try his 3 specialties, and they were all spectacular to your eyes and to your palate; The Chocolate Hangover, consisting of flowerless cake, dark cinnamon, light hazelnut and crème of coffee anglaise on top, then the Chocolate Tres-Leches, (Chocolate with 3 milks); Dolce de Leche (sweet milk), and Crème Frache gelato, I do not have to say that it was simply the best, and finally his Crème Brulee one with coffee flavor, and one with passion fruit, both were a truly a fest to end our superb meal.

Chocolate Hangover, Crème Brulee, Chocolate Hangover

What a fantastic dinner! Thank you Chef Gustavo, your innovative food and friendly professional staff made our evening of intimate fine dining an experience so thoroughly enjoyable that we will have no choice but to return again and again.

Chef Gustavo Trejel

Baleen Restaurant, give the guests the feeling of sailing on the Caribbean sea with it’s dining deck located on a jetty extending out to sea, overlooking the resort’s private white-sand beach at Mission Bay. It’s breathtaking location; creative specialties and a Balinese décor have made it a guest favorite for years. Baleen Restaurant only offers dinner, which guarantees an unforgettable dining experience.

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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