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One Pico Reataurant Review

One Pico Restaurant – Located at the magnificent Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica Bay near the historic Santa Monica Pier and in the midst of one of Southern California’s most eclectic and desirable seaside resort communities. 


One Pico Restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy a romantic meal while you enjoy the beautiful ocean view and admire the sunset. Their dining room is known as an enhancement to what has become the city’s finest assemblage of outstanding dining restaurants to ever be found under a single hotel roof. 


Brilliant Chef de Cuisine Shane Griffin has brought his inspired California cuisine to One Pico Restaurant. This is certainly a fine dining restaurant where the Chef is young, impressionable, mature and knows well how to define his unique style and creativity.


The dining room is open and surrounded with light colors, wood details and comfortable tables surrounded with lots of windows and breathtaking views to the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. Each part of the restaurant has its own signature touch, there is also a very nice bar where you can enjoy drinks and delicious appetizers, such as their signature Fried Calamari which without any doubt is the best Fried Calamari in town. But, it is not served at the restaurant dining room table, only at the bar, they kindly opened an exception for us. My guest and I started out with what was perhaps one of the very best ‘house Long Island Ice Tea’ creations that I have ever sampled. The beverages include the a large selection of wine. I started with the Nicolas Feulillate, Rose – a great Champagne from France. Per our server suggestion, the Foley Chardonnay from Santa Barbara was the best choice to go along with our fabulous menu.

Fried Calamari

Appetizer orders start coming in; the smells are mouthwatering —- the Ahi Tuna Tartar and the Dungeness Crab Cake, in particular were just exploding with tantalizing flavors. The Tuna was prepared with Olives, Bell Peppers, Harissa, Haricot Verts and pieces of Pita Bread that were really delicious, and the Crab cake was made with best freshest crab and Charred Baby Corn Relish, with Avocado on a White Corn Sauce.

Ahi Tuna Tartar

Chef Griffin sent us his superb signature White Asparagus Soup, with Fava Beans, small pieces of Speck Prosciutto and preserved lemon. A delicious summer
soup that is a perfect refreshing way to start your meal.

Dungeness Crab Cake

His salads are also prepared with the freshest ingredients, dressing are made with which marry the flavors, such as the Harvest Salad with Apples, Pecans, Redwood Hill Goat Cheese is beautiful in its presentation and a perfect example of combining a healthy and delicious salad. This is an example of a simple salad that you will certainly enjoy because their greens come from extraordinary farms that are specially grown and gathered exclusively for One Pico.

White Asparagus Soup                                   Harvest Salad    
We were already quite impressed with the food and wine prior to the serving of our entrées, but when Sara, our amazing waitress placed them before us, we realized that the best was yet to come.

I must confess that Chef Griffin sent us more dishes than what we requested, he is a very kind Chef and wanted us to try almost everything on his unique and fantastic menu, but of course that was quite an impossible mission to accomplish. Chef Griffin certainly surprised us by sending his most delicious signature dishes. He also told us that his menu changes constantly, so that is also amazing, because there will always be something new to try at One Pico.

Maine Diver Scallop with Pappardelle pasta

For the entrée selections, we started with the Maine Diver Scallop, accompanied with Pappardelle pasta, Basil, and succulent Forest Mushrooms, it was a huge hit and the combination is stellar, the homemade pasta is so good that you feel like you are in Tuscany sampling your grandmother’s fresh pasta. The Scallops were huge and cooked to perfection. We loved this irresistible dish.

Roasted Maine Lobster, with Truffle Risotto

The next main course was the Roasted Maine Lobster, with Truffle Risotto, Snap Peas and Chervil. This dish was unexpectedly divine. The Risotto’s truffle came directly from France, you just can’t describe its flavor, but it was the
impressionable Lobster that won me over, very sweet and tender, a
magnificent combination with the pasta.

Grilled Swordfish

These were 2 unexpected surprising dishes that were both impeccable and imaginatively presented: The Grilled Swordfish, this dish is a perfect-sized portion of seafood and is served with Donut Peaches, Heirloom Tomatoes, Fennel, Dijon Honey Vinaigrette. This delicate and mild, Swordfish is one of the most ‘gourmet-friendly’ fishes on our planet, in my opinion. And our last course was the Free Range Chicken Breast, with English Peas, Trumpet Mushrooms, Corn Fondue and Hazelnuts; another extraordinary way to enjoy Chicken Breast. Either way, Chef Griffin's sumptuous menu selections will tantalize your palate!

Free Range Chicken Breast, with English Peas

This masterful conclusion to our fine meal was enhanced further by one of the most enchanting digestives; the Port Wine that has ever crossed my palate, a 1985 Dow’s Vintage from Portugal. Dry, rich and as smooth as brushed velvet, it was the perfect foil to the Shutters Classic Chocolate Pudding Cake, with Vanilla Ice Cream, the sweetest chocolaty cake and the perfect topper to our magnificent evening.

1985 Dow’s Vintage Port

One Pico’s visual style and culinary theme are certainly unique and also Chef Griffin's new style is to work with the seasons and to bring the freshest products and new techniques to insure the finest flavor of their cuisine. In some respects they represent refinements of ideas, and their scale and ambition are unprecedented.

Classic Chocolate Pudding Cake, with Vanilla Ice Cream

One thing is a given: if you are looking for a great restaurant to delight your palate in the peaceful twilight of a Santa Monica’s evening, The Shutters on the Beach Dining Room at One Pico is the place!

Piano Bar and Lobby

After Dinner, unwind with one of their signature drinks at their piano bar, which
is a perfect place to retreat for a great romantic night, or to spend it with among
family and friends, or even for a business dinner, the view is simply the best,
there is no place like it.

One Pico has gone a long way toward embodying the soul of a new part of the
city and thrown imaginative and honestly prepared food into a new concept. For this, One Pico is Buzz of LA's restaurant of the year, a setting that’s truly pure paradise.
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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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