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Perla Restaurant Review

Perla Restaurant – located in Santa Monica at the Sheraton Delfina, is exactly what it means; a Pearl with the most amazing food in town. Perla Restaurant is a full service Santa Monica restaurant serving breakfast and dinner.

Perla is certainly one of the most breathtaking and romantic restaurants in the Santa Monica area, which strives to amaze each guest with cutting-edge California/American cuisine and personal, detail-oriented service.


Executive Chef Stephen Johnston creates classic dishes with a
new flair, and exciting presentations.

Perla has provided a spectacular setting for dining, cocktails,
weddings, and special events.

Long Island Ice Tea                              Our waiter Alberto Silla

 The vast menu offers traditional Californian cuisine, and an extensive wine list.

Executive Chef Johnston came from Blue on Blue, Delfina's sister property Avalon hotel in Beverly Hills, and he can clearly marshal the forces of a kitchen so that even on busy nights the standards of execution never drop.

Crispy Calamari

There are signs of a talented crew a work. The appetizers were prepared with great care; we specially enjoyed the Crispy Calamari with tomato, lemon, chili, herbs served with a delicious spicy tomato sauce, one of the best in town, the Onion Soup also, such a great choice.

Onion Soup

We specially enjoyed their Field Greens salad is buoyant; big enough to be shared, with candied walnuts, agur blue cheese, shaved pear on a delicious balsamic vinaigrette, I would have this salad every day, it was truly great.

Field Greens Salad                               Tiger Prawn Cocktail

Another smart and light choice was the Tiger Prawn Cocktail, with tomato-horseradish sauce, delicious and huge prawns, tasting and cooked to perfection. The finest quality seafood is a rarity and a great treat. This was an excellent choice as well.
Like no other meal, for a great dinner, it also presents challenges in wine pairing. There’s an array of foods—salty, sweet, earthy, smoky, creamy, acidic, so we order the Sonoma-Cutrer, a Chardonnay, from the Russian River Ranches 2004, that went well with our 5-course meal.

Roasted Pork Tenderloin, with Butter Squash, crispy leeks

Our waiter Alberto Silla, was very helpful and he also contribute to guide us with our choices. It was hard to decide exactly which one to try since all of them looked very tempting. We finally decided to share and our first choice was the Roasted Pork Tenderloin, with butter squash, crispy leeks, bacon vinaigrette, we love how it tastes. It’s intensely flavored without being heavy and has wild, brambly fruit flavors that emphasize the wild flavors of the meat. It also smells like bacon, which
matches well with the sauce.

          Three Cheese Fusilli                                     Side of Risotto              

This is another dish that I need to say; Wow! Three Cheese Fusilli, with parmesan, goat, smoked gouda, broccolini, grape tomatoes; it’s rustic, comforting, tasting
exactly like the one my grandmother use to make for us, not heavy, just right!

Tiger Prawns and Scallops

The Tiger Prawns and Scallops, with cipolinnis, new potatoes, spicy tomato broth; this is an excellent choice for seafood and has the right flavors to counterbalance the often-sweet side dishes, such as the Risotto, another comforting dish, very Italian and this was also such an amazing combination, rich in flavors but simple at the same time.

King Salmon, with cauliflower mash, almonds, pea shoots, herb oil

All of the entrees were spectacular, but for some reason the winner of the night was the King Salmon, with cauliflower mash, almonds, pea shoots, herb oil. We all know that Salmon is a versatile, flavorful favorite that favors many different preparations, but this was one of the best salmon dishes that I’ve had in years. Chef Johnston knows how to perfectly enhances the distinctive flavor of this irresistible fish, it was absolutely rich, if you love Salmon, then you can’t miss this one for sure.

Kobe flat iron steak, Shallot butter, herb pomme-frites

The Steak Frites - Kobe flat iron steak, shallot butter, herb pomme-frites; this is another great choice, the steaks melt in your mouth and they have a velvety texture and rich marbling that infuses every bite with supreme flavor, the pomme-frites were also an excellent combination for this unforgettable entrée.

For every great meal, you always must always have an exclusive sweet ending,
and we were not disappointed, 2 superb desserts surprised us;

Chocolate Molten Cake

The Chocolate Molten Cake; this is also one of their popular desserts and an incredible taste of chocolate whipped cream. As exquisitely rich and
smooth as it is memorable.

The Fruit Tart; this one they have taken the sweet goodness of this classic Fruit Tart to a whole new level by putting as many fruits as possible into a satisfying, flaky crust.

Fruit Tart

Dining at Perla Restaurant was such a pleasant experience that did certainly satisfied our exacting standards of superior service, quality, flavor and freshness! Next time you are in the Santa Monica area, and want to have a great dinner, make sure to stop at Perla Restaurant, you will not regret.

Our special thanks to Peter Kolla, and Chef Johnston for your hospitality and
for this memorable dinner, which we will always remember.

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Article By: Mary Adams
Photos By: Chris Marx

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